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The radiant cut is a symmetrical and non-traditional cut. It brings together the brilliance and beauty of the round cut and the purity of the emerald cut. Its trimmed corners make it versatile and ready for use in any kind of loose diamonds jewelry including engagement rings. As a whole, you can say that radiant diamond brings all the good characteristics of other cuts together under one shape. Below is a discussion on the radiant cut diamonds and the details you need to know.

Radiant cut diamonds sometimes known as rectangular modified brilliant diamond. This underlines the fact that they are the square-shaped variation of common round brilliant diamonds. In other words, the squarer versions of the Radiant cut diamonds are included in the category called “hybrids.” It is a great choice for someone looking to bring the goodness of emerald cut shape along with the brilliance offered by the round brilliant cut. Note that radiant diamonds also arrive in square shape. The major difference lies in their length to width ratio. This is a favorite among people while they choose fancy colored diamonds as it helps absorb the maximum rough diamond color in comparison to other cuts.

The Story

The modern radiant diamond was found only 40 years ago. Henry Grossbard is credited with creating the first radiant cut diamond towards the latter half of the 1970s. this new creation changed the rectangular diamonds in their development and outlook. This initial design was the first one with an intricate facet pattern over the pavilion and the crown. Note that other rectangular-shaped diamonds had only fewer facets. Besides, they shone less brilliantly and did not have as much attention to detail as this version.

The Popularity of Radiant Cut Diamonds

Even though it is still in its youth among the diamonds, radiant cut diamonds are some of the most popular choices. This is greatly due to their brilliance and versatility. Even though the radiant cut engagement rings are not common, they are sufficiently desirable that they have several celebrity admirers.

Radiant Cut Diamond Settings

Radiant cut engagement rings are mainly loved for the shine they offer. After picking a radiant cut diamond, the next duty is to select a suitable setting to house the diamond. Note that the most popular settings include 4-prong and 6-prong setting.

Read the above factors as you go about purchasing radiant cut diamond rings.

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