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Diamonds are the hardest material on earth. Few people are unfamiliar with diamond jewelry pieces. After all, it has been many centuries since diamond loose stones first started being used to create sparkling jewelry pieces. Despite what some people think, the use of these magnificent stones is not just limited to the jewelry field. There are numerous other useful applications for these amazing gemstones beyond just symbolizing love and commitment between people. Some of those unique and fascinating uses of loose diamonds are given below.

Health Industry

You would be amazed to know that diamond loose stones are employed in the health industry in order to treat cancer. Many studies in the field claim that loose diamonds which are a thousand times smaller than a human hair, can help cure cancer. Usually, chemotherapy drugs that are injected into the body of a cancer patient would get pumped out by the cancer cells present in their body. In order to address this issue, professionals often inject these drugs to a patient’s body after attaching nanodiamonds to them. Since cancer cells lack the ability to carry diamond particles, the drugs remain inside. In addition, the reflective properties of diamonds help health specialists monitor the progression of targeted cells after each treatment.

Dental Industry

Who would have thought a trip to the dentist for fixing cavities could be a glamorous affair? Most dentists tend to use tools tipped with tiny diamonds, which help them easily drill and polish your cavities. The diamond loose stones used here actually act as abrasives.

Beauty Product

Lots of beauty-conscious people would be familiar with the use of diamonds in various beauty products. In fact, a ton of insanely rich celebrities prefer using diamond cosmetic products when it comes to pampering their skin and enhancing their beauty. Some popular examples for the application of diamonds in the cosmetic world include diamond-flecked spray, diamond facial, diamond exfoliation creams, diamond anti-wrinkle products, etc. People who are suffering from cellulite issues can also address them by means of a diamond dust exfoliator.


The use of diamond loose stones for various industrial purposes is really common. As a result of the incredible strength and durability of the material, these are usually employed in cutting, drilling, and polishing tools. Diamonds are also used in major fields such as military, mining, diamond cutting, etc. In addition to that, nano-diamonds are mixed into the oil used in manufacturing saws and drills, in order to make those sharper.

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