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Round is the most popular diamond shape so far and it boasts a market share of around 80%. Fancy diamond cuts constitute the rest 20%. However, have you ever noticed that most royalties tend to flaunt fancy cut diamonds on their jewelry pieces including the crown? Similarly, the number of celebrities stepping out flaunting captivating fancy cut diamond jewelry pieces are also skyrocketing these days.

Are you in search of a beautiful and unique fancy cut diamond ring? Then, you are also in the elite league. Plus, adding a fancy shaped diamond ring to your jewelry wardrobe will surely add more beauty and flavor to it. Nevertheless, the chances are high for you to be confused when it comes to choosing the right option. After all, you have to zero in on a single diamond from a pool of fascinating options.

First, learn about different fancy diamond categories. Note that fancy diamond cut is mainly divided into three categories; modified brilliant cut, step cut, and mixed cut. The former include diamond cuts such as marquise, heart, oval, and pear. Emerald, cushion, and Asscher diamond cuts are the popular options for step cuts. Similarly, mixed cut includes princess cut and radiant cut. These nine diamond cuts are collectively referred to as fancy cut diamonds.

The first point that you must decide when choosing your stunning fancy cut diamond ring is the mode of purchase. If you are facing a financial crunch, buying fancy shaped loose diamonds online will be a suitable option. Otherwise, you may browse through any of the reputed physical diamond stores. Additionally, fancy shaped diamonds will be way more affordable when compared to loose round diamonds since the rough diamond wastage in the former is less when compared to the latter. Furthermore, it will be better to purchase loose fancy cut diamonds first and then, set them to your ring, especially when purchasing it online. In case you purchase a fancy shaped diamond ring, it will be hard for an appraiser to assess the quality of the stone without removing it from the ring setting.

Secondly, look for the symmetry of your diamond. On a related note, the key factor that can either make or ruin the appeal of a fancy cut diamond is its symmetry. Hence, make sure that one half of your diamond is exactly the mirror image of the other half. Similarly, look for the length to width ratio of your stone. Any change in the LTW of fancy cut stones tends to make them look either narrower or elongated. Some fancy diamond cuts such as the heart, marquise, etc., tend to showcase bowtie effect as well. In this case, there will be several darker areas in your diamond that resemble the bowtie of a man. While a mild bowtie effect adds to the beauty of fancy cut stones, the high-intensity bowtie effect is likely to ruin the appeal of your diamond as well as make it vulnerable to damages.

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