Choosing The Best Mounting For Your Engagement Ring

Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds

A lot of people prefer to get loose diamonds and mount them separately instead of getting mounted stones. But when choosing a mounting for your engagement ring, you have to ensure that it can be a perfect option for your new stones. So we list some of the important factors that you have to notice when choosing a mounting for your diamond rings. Knowing them can be helpful for you to narrow down your options.

Type Of Setting

The type of setting can have a great impact on the appearance of your stone. Certain settings can make your diamond look bigger, whereas, some others can make it seem smaller.

Settings that cover more area of the stone will reduce the entry of light thereby affecting the brilliance and shine. Such settings can also make your stone look smaller. But settings that allow more of the diamond to be seen can give it a bigger appearance. These settings can also allow more light to enter the stone thereby increasing the sparkle and brilliance.

For example, the bezel setting holds the diamonds in place by covering them with metal strips. This setting conceals a good portion of the stone which makes it look smaller. Channel settings can also have a similar impact on your stones.

Another popular setting called the prong setting can offer maximum visibility to your stones thereby making them appear larger and enhancing their brilliance. However, this can be dependent on the type of prong settings. Settings with four prongs can make the stone as visible as possible. But six-prong settings, v-prongs, etc. can reduce the visibility of the stone.

But be aware that you will have to trade off the security of your stones for better visibility and brilliance, as settings that can make the stone more visible will make it more vulnerable to damage.

Mounting Size

You should choose the mounting size based on the size of your stone. Make sure that it is proportional to the size of your diamond. Settings with thicker bands can overpower the diamonds, whereas, petite settings can increase the chance to lose the stone.

Color Of Your Diamond

The metal you choose to mount your stone should complement the color of your diamonds. If you buy loose diamonds that are almost colorless, then white metals can be a great choice for you. But yellow gold can be more suitable for diamonds with a yellow tint.

If you are not sure about choosing the right settings for your loose diamonds, then it is better to ask the opinion of your jeweler who can give a detailed description of different types of mountings.

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