Choosing the Right Engagement Ring to Flatter Your Finger Type

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Engagement rings are really significant since it marks an eternal union between the partners and the bride is likely to wear it for the rest of her life. Hence, you must make sure that the ring is perfect to define your lady love in the best way. Usually, people may consider the lifestyle and the personality of their significant other while choosing diamond rings for them. However, most men tend to ignore or overlook the importance of the finger type of their partners while choosing exquisite diamond engagement rings.  Note that even if you select the best diamond ring in the world for your soul mate, it will be of no use if the ring looks awkward on her finger. The best way to tackle this issue is to purchase loose diamonds from any of the credible loose diamond jewelers. Then, mount it a ring setting that complements the style, personality, and finger type of your would-be fiancée.

Now, you would be wondering about how to choose a ring for your better half that suits her finger type. Note that the secret formula to nail the diamond engagement ring purchase is ‘finger length * width + ring shape + style”. In simple words, consider the length and width of the fingers as well as the hands of your girl while choosing a diamond and a ring setting for her. Additionally, take the shape and size of the diamond and the style and width of the ring into account. Some people used to consider the tiniest elements such as the length and size of the nail to make their diamond ring purchase flawless. It is to be noted that longer and perfectly manicured nails tend to make your finger look elongated making it a significant element in the equation.  If you are still confused about the same, some of the important guidelines that you must consider while choosing diamond engagement rings for your partner are listed below.

Long fingers – Most diamond shapes and ring styles will look elegant on a long and slim finger. Still, princess cut diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds will look extremely flattering on long fingers. Plus, you can use wider diamond ring bands to complement the length of the finger.

Slender fingers – You must choose diamond rings that will not overpower the beauty of her finger in this case. For this, you may consider smaller diamonds and thick diamond ring bands.

Short fingers – While choosing diamond engagement rings to complement short fingers, make sure that it makes her fingers look elongated. For this, you may consider diamond choices such as pear cut, marquise cut, emerald cut, etc. Additionally, choose delicate and slender bands to support the gemstones in this case.

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