Considerations for Resizing you Diamond Engagement Rings

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Loose Diamonds
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There are a few reasons why you would need to consider resizing your diamond ring. Either your life partner got you one that was too little or too large. Otherwise, you may have lost/put on weight because of which it never fits you right. It could also be that you simply need to wear the ring on a different finger as opposed to the one it was initially meant for. Ring resizing is a process that is possible for most kinds of rings. Numerous gem specialists offer this service through their stores. Below is a discussion on certain important things you need to consider before you set out to resize your ring of loose diamonds.

Resizing your Ring to Increase its Size

If your finger size is 6, however the ring you just bought online is a size 5, then you need it increased. There are two different ways to resizing a ring to be bigger.

Adding Extra Metal to the Band

A gem dealer will add additional metal to grow its band. They should cut the ring’s shank and add a bridge-like-structure of gold or the metal used to make the band to bring up the size. They will pull the different sides of the ring and include a bridge by adding soldering adhesion to the additional metal.

Stretching the Ring

A gem specialist will extend the current ring shank. This technique comprises of extending its shank by pulling it separately and stretching it. With this strategy, the smallest error can harm your valuable ring. Most diamond setters attempt to keep away from this strategy since it renders the ring more fragile. It can also alter the appearance of the ring. The benefit of this technique is that it tends to be less expensive than adding additional metal to the ring, so it will set aside some added cash. The upside of this method is that it can be cheaper than adding extra metal to the ring, so it will save some money.

Resizing the Ring to Reduce its Size

The usual method adopted to reduce the size is to remove a piece of the ring’s shank and afterward join the two finishes by soldering them. Resizing a ring to reduce its size can be difficult to achieve, particularly if it is an eternity ring or a ring. Make sure you consult an expert jeweler for this purpose.

Consider the above factors if you want to resize your diamond engagement ring.

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