Everything you Need to Know about Shoulder Style Diamond Rings

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Diamond engagement rings hold an important place in the life of almost every couple, both emotionally and financially. After all, it is the symbol of your love and commitment and hence, most people tend to settle for nothing but the best option. While choosing an engagement ring, people often consider factors such as the diamond ring setting, cut, clarity, color, and carat weight, metal choices, and whatnot. Unfortunately, people often overlook the shoulder setting of their rings. Note that shoulder designs can either make or ruin the appeal of your gleaming baubles.

Shoulder Rings

The shoulder of a diamond ring marks the portion between the band or shank of the ring and the setting on which the gemstone is mounted. Do you know that diamond ring shoulders can be designed as diverse as other settings? Below are some of the popular shoulder designs for engagement rings. You may choose any of these options to make your sparkler stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Parallel Shoulder Engagement Rings

Nowadays, most diamond engagement rings feature a band that tends to either narrow or thicken as it approaches the center stone. In this shoulder setting, the bandwidth will be the same throughout the design. This will give a captivating uniformity to your entire diamond engagement ring design. Usually, this type of rings is considered for men’s engagement rings as it complements their masculine nature well. If required, you can highlight the shoulder by encrusting loose diamonds on it.

Tapering Shoulder Diamond Rings

In this setting, the thickness of your diamond band tends to narrow down as it approaches the center stone setting. As a result, the main gemstone of your ring will be accentuated to the fullest. No wonder, diamonds of smaller carat weights are usually enhanced using this shoulder setting. Besides, the underside or the backside of the band tends to maintain a substantial thickness. This is to avoid the risk of your ring being too thin when polished or re-sized in the future.

Twisted Shoulder Diamond Rings

This type of shoulder ring designs is usually used in contemporary diamond engagement ring styles. In this design, the diamond band of the ring flaunts a twisted design that unites at the center to hold the main gemstone. Tension and prong set diamonds are usually enhanced using this type of shoulder settings.

The main advantage of a twisted shoulder setting is that it will create an illusion of the center diamond floating in the air. While this style comes under the category of solitaire diamond ring setting, it features a divergence from the generic style. If you are looking for a versatile setting to make your ring pop, accentuate the twisted shoulder by paving loose black diamonds.

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