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Yellow diamonds are one among the diamonds that have the highest demand in the diamond market. These diamonds have also turned out to be one of the most adaptive trends of this era.

Most of the celebrities have been flaunting yellow diamonds over the past years and this has turned out to be the trendsetting factor; the popularity of yellow diamonds is increased due to the same reason. In addition to that, the unique characteristics and rarity have made yellow diamonds more desirable by people which make them buy it as loose diamonds too.

Many popular questions pop up in everyone’s mind while it comes to buying yellow diamonds.

What are Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are one of the various types of colored diamonds and they come in various colors. Diamonds having some traces of yellow are found at the bottom of the colorless grading scale (which goes from D to Z) because of their faint color.

Are Yellow Diamonds Real Diamonds?

The color of the yellow diamonds, like any other diamond in the market, is the result of the presence of a compound element within the diamond structure. Diamonds with stronger hues of yellow are usually due to the presence of more Nitrogen in it. These diamonds are a hundred percent real and beautiful.

How are Yellow Diamonds Made?

Yellow diamonds, like any other diamonds, are formed over millions of years. The addition of nitrogen causes the yellow hue of the stone. They are often formed under high pressures and temperatures below the earth’s surface. A polisher assess, cut and polish the diamond after the diamond is extracted from nature, and finally turns a rough diamond into an incredibly beautiful piece of diamond.

Are Yellow Diamonds Expensive than White Diamonds (Colorless Diamonds)?

Even though yellow diamonds are quite expensive for their rarity, they can cost less and be more affordable than a white diamond which is of the same quality. Yellow diamonds with lighter yellow shades (like fancy yellow color) will cost less than a white/colorless diamond.

How to Buy Yellow Diamonds?

Many online vendors send yellow diamonds online. Most of the brick and mortar stores hold one or two yellow diamonds; they would not invest in having many numbers in stock as there is more demand for colorless diamonds. Make sure to ask for a third party diamond grading report if you are choosing to buy a yellow diamond from an online vendor to ensure that the diamond is of good quality.

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