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Without any doubts, the heart diamond cut is the most romantic diamond cut since the heart has always been a perfect symbol of love and passion. However, the heart diamond cut is not so popular like round brilliants, princess cut, emerald cut, etc. Still, this will be the best option to define your love and compassion towards your partner in the best light. In fact, this rarity of heart diamonds makes it a unique option to design your diamond rings. Plus, recently many celebrities started to step out wearing heart diamond rings making it a statement shape.

The heart diamond cut is a modern choice and was originated during the 19th century. With strategically organized facets that range from 56 to 59, heart cut diamonds are extremely eye-catching and feature inimitable light performance. However, it requires great skills and workmanship to etch a heart cut diamond contributing to its rarity. Besides, there are numerous poorly cut heart diamonds in the market and an untrained eye is likely to fall for it. Hence, it is important to go through the following tips if you are planning to purchase a striking heart cut diamond ring. Note that it is always better to purchase heart cut diamond loose stones than the preset ones. Of course, it will be easier and convenient for you to analyze a loose diamond better. Fortunately, there are many loose diamond jewelers in the market who exclusively sells loose diamonds.

The perfect symmetry

The main factor that can either make or ruin the appeal of heart cut diamond loose stones is their symmetry. To evaluate the symmetry of a diamond, keep it under a microscope and check whether one half of the diamond is exactly the mirror-image of the other half. Plus, a perfect heart diamond will have a notable and clear cleft between each half and the wings must be elegantly rounded. Otherwise, your heart diamond ring may look unfinished or unappealing.

The right heart diamond size

The main highlight of a heart cut diamond is its tempting shape and you must make sure that it is distinct while choosing a diamond size. Usually, you will not be able to see the precise definition of a heart cut diamond when it comes to smaller diamonds. Hence, it is recommended to purchase heart cut diamond loose stones of carat weight 0.50 or more.

The bowtie effect

Another main factor that you must look for while purchasing a heart cut diamond, indeed any fancy cut diamonds, is the bowtie effect. This usually occurs when the facets in the diamond are not organized properly. This misaligned diamonds may trap light entering the diamonds creating numerous darker areas within the stone that mimics the bowtie of a man. Even though most heart diamonds are vulnerable to the bowtie effect, it can be mild at times. This will sometime add to the overall beauty of your heart diamonds. However, if the bowtie effect is severe, it is likely to affect the appeal as well as the strength of your diamond. In addition, this information will not be documented in the diamond certificate. Hence, purchasing a heart cut diamond online will be a bit risky since you will have to blindly rely on the website images and diamond grading report.

The color grade of heart diamonds

As a result of the unique shape and faceting pattern of heart cut diamonds, it tends to retain the color and make any tints notable. This explains why the heart diamond cut is extremely popular among colored diamonds. In case you are looking for a colorless heart diamond, it is better to purchase a stone that boasts a clarity grade between D and F for better visual appeal. Otherwise, your diamond may look dull or less brilliant. This will be, however, ideal for the people who are looking for a diamond with warmer color tones. If you are stressed about the budget, you may consider heart diamonds that feature medium color grade and set them using colored metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, etc. Note that lighter colored metal such as platinum, white gold, etc., tend to make the color tints in heart diamonds even more evident. Hence, go for these options only if you can afford a diamond with a higher color grade.

The clarity grade of heart diamonds

Just like the color grade, you must consider a heart cut diamond that features a decent clarity grade since this cut tends to highlight the flaws. However, it doesn’t mean that you must always go for the top clarity heart diamond. Rather, consider a stone that is eye-clean to get the best bang for your bucks. There is no point in choosing a heart diamond with higher color grade even if you have a flexible budget since it will be like spending money on something that you cannot see. It is to be noted that you may go for clarity grade that ranges from Flawless to Very Slightly Included for larger heart cut diamonds.

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