Factors That Determine The Value Of A Diamond

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The value of each diamond can vary based on its quality and characteristics. It is important for you to determine the right value of the diamond you buy to ensure that it is worth the amount you are spending. Whether you buy loose diamonds or mounted ones, it is important to determine their quality and value.

There are a lot of important parameters that can affect the value of a diamond. The following are some of the important factors that can determine the value of your diamonds:

Carat Weight

The carat weight of a diamond can have a great impact on the value and price of your diamond. The price per carat of a diamond can increase based on its weight. So when buying diamonds, you have to make sure that the carat weight you choose can fit in your budget.


The cut of a diamond plays a huge role in determining its quality. The cut should be precise to properly reflect and refract light. Hence, this parameter can have a direct impact on the brilliance and sparkle of your diamond. If the cut of your stone is not proper, then your diamonds can look dull and they will lack the wonderful shine that is commonly associated with diamonds.


The color grade of a diamond is decided based on how colorless the diamond is. Diamonds that are close to colorless are graded D, E, and F. You can find yellow or brown tints in diamonds as the grade progresses from G to Z. When it comes to diamonds with grade Z, you can find noticeable tints.


A stone with no noticeable inclusions and blemishes will be given high clarity grades. The clarity of your diamonds can decrease if there are any dark or white spots, cracks, gas bubbles, and cloudiness in them. A diamond of high clarity grade will be priced high.


This is an important thing you need to consider when buying diamonds. Always make sure to buy certified loose diamonds so that you can get maximum resale value for your stones.

Find out whether the diamonds you buy have a quality certificate from internationally recognized gemological labs like GIA, AGS, etc. These certificates can help to determine the value and quality of the stones you are buying.

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