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In the history of diamonds, red diamonds are the ones which are very rarely found. Red is the color which stands for love, passion, and strength. The red diamonds were discovered from Africa, Australia, and Brazil. Only about 30 red diamonds have been mined till date. The most famous among these red diamonds are:

The DeYoung Red Diamond

It is the third largest of all the red diamonds existing now. It is a round cut diamond which weighs about 5.03 carats. It was Sydney DeYoung who discovered this diamond in a flea market. He bought the stone thinking that it was a red garnet. Later he donated the diamond to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC in 1987. There are no chemical impurities in the stone and it also has a brown tint to it. The stone is a modified round brilliant cut and has horizontally split crown facets. It still stands as a unique red diamond.

The Kazanjian Red Diamond

This is a red diamond which was discovered in Lichtenberg, South Africa in the year 1927. In its rough form, it weighed about 35 carats but was cut down into a 5.05-carat diamond later. After the preparation for the cut, the size of the stone decreased by 85% and then the stone was made into an emerald-cut diamond. During the Second World War, the stone was captured by the Nazi soldiers from a house in the Netherlands. It was the U.S General, Joseph McNarney who found the stone later in a salt mine. In 2007, the stone was purchased by the Kazanjian Bros. Inc.

The Moussaieff Red Diamond

This is the largest of all the red diamonds existing in the world. It has a trilliant-cut and is flawless on the inside. Originally found by a farmer in Brazil, the stone weighed 13.9 carats and was cut down to 5.11 carats.  Though it was initially named as the ‘Red Shield’, it was later renamed as the Moussaieff Red Diamond, after the Moussaieff jewelry firm acquired the stone. Presently it adorns a platinum ring as its center stone.

The Graff Purplish-Red Diamond 

It is a usual thing for the owners of the colored diamonds to keep the details of the diamond as a secret. Same is the case with this diamond. The only thing known about this diamond is that, it was found somewhere in South Africa or Brazil and that it is a 2.26 ct weighing modified octagonal-cut. The stone is embedded on a pink gold ring which also has four diamond petals which are heart-shaped.

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