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Gold Engagement Ring Styles

If you are familiar with the engagement ring industry, you will know that you have gold engagement rings of different styles available in the market. There is yellow gold, rose gold and pink gold engagement ring available for purchase. Each of these styles of gold engagement rings was trending during different eras in history.

For those people who love antique engagement rings, it will be a wonderful experience to look at these engagement ring styles that were prominent in history. You can take inspiration from these styles and design your own style of engagement rings.

Here are four periods from history that have motivated some of the modern designs.

The Victorian Era

This era, between the periods of 1837 to 1901, saw the flourishing of yellow gold and rose gold engagement rings. The designers used different patterns for jewelry made in this era. This includes acrostic (secret) messages, symbolizing wisdom, serpents, and flowers. You may still use these patterns for getting an altogether new style of gold engagement ring while maintaining its elegance.

The Edwardian Era

This is the era between 1900 and 1915. Though it was Platinum, which was used prominently in the Edwardian era, you may substitute it with white gold. It is affordable and it gives an enchanting look to the ring. Patterns like feathers, flower garlands, laurel wreaths, scrolls, tassels, etc. were used. If you love to have an engagement ring that is noble and lacy at the same time, this will be the ideal choice for you.

The Art Deco Era

It was the white metal, which was popular in this era between the 1920s and 1930s. Fine jewelry was made with platinum in this era. In the present, this can be substituted with white gold in the process of recreating these designs. In this era, diamonds were paired with gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds to make some color contrasts and geometric shapes. This can be your ideal choice if you love white colored engagement ring.

The Retro Era

In the era, which ranged from 1935 to the 1950s, the color, warmth, and boldness of the rings were the highlighted features. These rings can offer you a blend of classic appeal and a vintage look. Rose gold and yellow gold can be used to make these engagement rings. The rings of the retro era were known for their geometric shapes and bold lines.

You can recreate the past eras of engagement rings, in the present day in many ways. The gold engagement rings are trending even today and the pink gold engagement ring and others continue to stun the people who see the bride-to-be wearing it.

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