Maintenance Tips for your Diamonds

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Diamonds Maintenance Tips

Diamonds are said to be forever. However, this is just a metaphorical usage. The reality is that they are prone to wear and tear over the passage of time. Sometimes, simple reasons could end up damaging your precious jewelry. There are certain simple steps that you can take to ensure the well being of your diamond rings. These steps could go a long way in ensuring that your loose diamonds stay as good as new for years to come. Below is a discussion on some of the steps you need to take to ensure the safety and care of the diamonds.

Remove It During Manual Labor

Many women have a tendency to keep their rings on their hands even when they are indulged in some labor that involves considerable effort. The examples include cleaning house and washing dishes. These activities may appear as harmless but they could scratch the gemstones and chip the diamond. So, make sure you remove your diamond ring when you have to do something really engaging.

Spend On A Fabric-Lined Jewelry Box To Protect Your Ring

There might also be sentimental reasons involved but it is a good idea to keep your 1 ct loose diamond and your diamond ring in a separate box. This is because diamonds are prone to scratching upon contact with other hard objects. Some people prefer to place it in boxes where they keep other jewelry. This is not a safe storage method for diamonds. Try to use a separate box for your diamond ring as it will keep it safe and secure when you remove them.

Do Not Forget To Remove Them While Bathing And Moisturizing

If your diamonds come in contact with oil, it becomes lackluster. This is because oil tarnishes your diamond. Therefore, it is even more unsafe to leave them on while bathing and moisturizing. Remove them while you do these activities. Try to keep them in a fabric-lined box after you remove it.

Do A Maintenance Check By A Trusted Jeweler

Precious stones certainly require a good amount of care. Even if your diamond is of high quality, it is still advisable to get them checked at least once every year. There might be unnoticed issues with them, which the jeweler might be able to detect. Make sure you carry out a timely inspection for your diamond rings.

Diamonds are fragile objects that are prone to damage. Therefore, make sure you take great care while using them.

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