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The appearance of the three-sided stones in jewelry may look intriguing in the first look. However, these trillion cut diamonds that are otherwise called ‘trilian’ or ‘trilliant’ can be preferred over the classic standards, for its very uniqueness. Below are some pros and cons of trillion cut diamonds, which was first created in Netherlands.

Larger Look than Actual Size

Compared to the round brilliant cut of an equal carat diamond, the trillion cut stones will look larger than its actual size. It is plainly because of the shallow cut it possesses rather than a deep cut that embarks with the highest fire. Moreover, the design of trillion cut diamonds offers a larger visual appeal.

However, with the smaller number of phases they have as a result of its shallow cut, they are to offer lesser sparkle than other cuts. The things can be worse when you are opting for a more shallow stone, as the lower depth of the stone will reflect back only minimum light.

Prominent Edges of Trillion Cut Diamonds

The pointed edges of Trillion cut diamonds stand out and offer looks unique from the typical round brilliant cut diamonds. The possibilities of creating an innovative pattern for rings are way much higher and can be squeezed up into any patterns with great ease until they are properly set in the mounting.

The prominent edges of the trillion cut diamonds are highly prone to chipping. If you are handling a Trillion cut loose diamond, you have to be double cautious to not to get the stone chipped.

Those Clingy Prongs

The style of the prong is a very important criterion that you need to take into account while purchasing a trillion cut diamond ring. The V-prong setting would be the most suitable setting to hold the stone as such, and will provide the least chances of misalignment, as in this setting the stone is protected by prongs that wrap around it. Meanwhile, if you are ready to compromise for a decent sparkle, go for the safest ever bezel setting.

An unscientific prong setting for the trillion cut diamond will lead to breaking or chipping of the stone.

A Great Fuss of Cleaning

The shallow surface of the trillion cut diamonds makes it easier to clean than other uneven regular diamonds such as the round cut diamond. The depth of the trillion cut diamond will be way much lower.

For the very same reason, this easy task had to be done quite regularly to retain the sparkle of the stone. This is because the shallow surface will accumulate dirt very easily dimming the stone instantly.

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