Selecting the Perfect Diamond Cut for your Bride’s Engagement Ring

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The shape is the most important thing which gives a diamond engagement ring its look and feel. While every bride has her own favorite shape, if you do not have any idea regarding which one it could be, then this guide would help you. The following descriptions speak in general terms, but this will hopefully help you decide the first of several things you will have to make in regards to engagement rings.


This is the classic diamond shape, so it will perhaps be the best option for conventional brides-to-be. If one’s dress sense could also be described as understated, timeless or classic, then a round brilliant cut ring will probably be a winner. A simple solitaire set in a yellow gold shank is the ultimate classic style. For a more contemporary take on this style, consider white gold or platinum or some pave gemstones along the band.


Engagement rings with pear-shaped diamonds are very popular today, so these make a fabulous choice for trend-loving ladies. The overall appearance of a pear cut diamond ring is comparable to golden period Hollywood glamour – particularly when coupled with matching earrings. Loose diamonds shaped like a pear will look amazing when you have it custom set with a pave halo.

Princess-Cut Square

This is the most popular shape after the round brilliant. Although princess cut can also be slightly more rectangular in terms of shape, the more traditional option is the square variant of this cut. Princess cut diamond rings have a modern look, but these are sure to look very classy for years and still have a conventional feel to them. This shape is likely the perfect option for those who want a balance between conventional and modern look.


Ladies who like delicate, feminine looks will adore an oval-shaped diamond. It is extremely flattering and gives the finger an elongated look. Diamonds of this shape make for great solitaire rings as well, so it could be a perfect option for ladies who want a conventional piece of jewelry with a modern update.


Another diamond cut that is high on glamour is marquise. It is similar to the pear shape, but with more sophistication (and multiple pointed ends rather than one). Pear diamond engagement rings might just suit a girl next door and a red carpet star, but marquise rings lean relatively more towards the second type. Lovers of vintage styles are sure to welcome this shape with open arms.

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