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When you are going to purchase diamonds, most of the ones you see will be colorless. However, understand that diamonds are also available in different colors like yellow, pink, red, blue, grey, etc. These colors are formed as a result of inclusions present in the stones. Based on the nature of inclusions, the colors will vary. You can also get diamonds that have different shades of the same color.

Yellow diamonds are one of the colored stones that are available in wide varieties. The presence of nitrogen gives yellow diamonds their specific color. Based on the intensity of the nitrogen content trapped inside the diamond, the intensity of the color will also vary. Even though there are abundant varieties of yellow diamonds, it is not easy to find one with brilliant color, ideal cut and clarity level. Hence if you are planning to purchase yellow loose diamonds, compare it with different shades of the same color to find out a good yellow stone with the right color and shape.

Color Intensity

As mentioned earlier based on the amount of nitrogen present in the diamonds, its color intensity will also vary. Sometimes these diamonds can have a slight yellow hue that can be classified as nor yellow diamonds and neither colorless diamonds. You can also find yellow diamonds with brilliant colors that are very rare.

Based on the color intensity, yellow diamonds are classified into different categories as follows:

  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep
  • Fancy Dark

Among these, the diamonds that fall in the “Light” category will have the minimum color intensity, whereas the diamond included in the “Fancy Dark” category will have the maximum yellow color.

Secondary Colors

Along with the yellow color, some diamonds can also have a tint of other colors present in them. Green, brown, orange, etc. are the main secondary colors present in yellow stones. Sometimes, a stone can have more than one secondary color. If you are going to purchase loose yellow diamonds, you might hear terms like Fancy Brown Yellow diamonds or Fancy Green Yellow diamonds, etc. It refers to the secondary color present in the yellow loose diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Shapes

Loose yellow diamonds will be usually cut into a cushion and radiant shapes, as these shapes will enhance the stones’ color more vividly. They help the diamond to retain the light entering the stone, thereby giving it a brilliant appearance. Other popular cuts present in loose diamonds with yellow color are oval, round, heart, pear, etc. Hence, when you buy yellow diamonds, select a shape that helps the stones to offer more shine and fire.

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