Things to Consider When Purchasing Loose Diamonds

Buy Loose Diamonds
Buy Loose Diamonds
Diamond Purchase Tips

Loose diamonds give people more flexibility when having a jewelry piece custom-designed. When you are not sure what your intended prefers, you would want to buy loose diamonds and let her make the decision according to her preferences. Most men have very little idea about what type of jewelry to purchase, so they either turn to a loose diamond or a solitaire engagement ring because that is the extent of the basic choice that they have. Most brides prefer solitaires, but if your girl is not of the traditional type, then you will have tougher choices to make. There is nothing wrong with giving a loose diamond and the option to have it custom set on the engagement ring of her choice. Still, even when buying a loose diamond, you should consider these factors to make informed decisions.

Know the Diamond Certification

A grading report is proof your stone has undergone many evaluation procedures by a gemological institute’s laboratory. With such a report, you can easily know that diamond’s quality and characteristics. A trustworthy grading report is a document that attests to the gemstone’s value over a very long time period. Therefore, before you shop to buy loose diamonds, look for the grading report from one of the authorized laboratories, such as GIA, to name one.

Size Matters

Several people feel the bigger the diamond, the better it is, but this is not necessarily true. A larger diamond is rare to find, as opposed to one that is small. Therefore, while shopping for a loose diamond, it is important that you decide on the size and quality of the stone that you want. Pay attention to these features and make up your mind accordingly. A smaller diamond is easy to get from the market, as is one with high quality. The diamond size is more important than overall finish for some customers, but for others, the stone’s characteristics are relatively more important than the size. No matter which one you give more importance to, focus on that feature when you shop for it.

Understand the 4Cs

The 4Cs of a diamond refers to clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. GIA grades the color of a diamond on a range of “D” to “Z”. All D to Z diamonds are regarded as white, although they have varying degrees of color hues in them. Fancy diamonds are graded by GIA on a different color scale.

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