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Baguettes are slender and thin cuts of diamonds, which are considered to be a step cut diamond comprising of 13 facets. These are used mainly for accent stones or side stones in engagement rings and mountings. These are either tapered towards one end (tapered baguettes) or cut straight (straight baguettes).

The style and mounting of the ring are the determining factors behind the cut. In most jewelry, curved channel is used to hold a tapered baguette and a straight channel for a straight baguette. Prongs are capable of holding shapes including tapered and straight. Baguettes bring about an elegant, classy, and clean feeling to diamonds. Below is a closer examination of baguette diamonds.

They are Brittle

Baguette cut loose diamonds are said to be the most brittle set of diamonds. This is because they are very thin and slender. Therefore, a good strike, bump or even a slightly strong force is sufficient to break them or chip them along an edge. As a result, they are very vulnerable to external damages. This is truer in case of those loose blue diamonds that are more exposed towards the edge.

The best way to buy a good quality baguette cut diamond is to choose a ring with prongs or channels. This ensures that the diamond is protected from external stressor sudden shocks.

They Lack Brilliance

Baguettes are step cut diamonds with just 13 facets. This includes a couple of long facets along either side. This means that there is very less light coming in from all the sides. 13 facets are not sufficient to create an impressive level of brilliance.

They Show Flaws

Baguettes do not sparkle much and they are very low in brilliance. This means they display their flaws and inclusions more. This is because of the absence of sparkle. It is actually the sparkle that covers the flaw as most of the light is reflected off the surface of the diamond. furthermore, black carbon spots are easily detected with the naked eyes.

When you visit a store, you will be able to see mounted baguettes, which have cracks, flaws, or lines. Hence, make sure you buy at least an eye-clean diamond with SI clarity

Since baguettes lack sparkle, they tend to become cloudy as well and dull up rather easily. Besides, dust gets accumulated to the lower side of the baguette. Due to the narrow and slender profile of baguette diamonds, these patches are easily visible. This means that they need regular cleaning in order to ensure the best appearance.

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