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In case you are looking to purchase a 1-carat loose diamond, you have to understand the different aspects of the color of a diamond. This will help you make a better choice while buying. Below is a discussion on the color of diamonds.

Diamonds Are Valued Based (In Part) On The Absence Of Any Color

Color is an important aspect of diamonds. Diamonds commonly used in engagement rings are nearly colorless with slightest tones of yellow or brown. After all, the more colorless a diamond is, the more value it has. This will also be reflected in the pricing of such diamonds. The GIA uses a color grading from D to Z to rate diamonds.

The Diamond’s Color Grade Is Determined By A Grading Laboratory

The differences that exist between different color grades of a diamond are such that they cannot be detected with naked eyes. However, they make a huge difference in the prices. This is why a gemological laboratory is used to determine the color grade. In determining the color of a diamond, GIA uses strict methodology regarding the factors that decide the lighting. The colors are decided by comparing them with mastertones.

Colored Diamonds Have A Different Grading Process Than Colorless Diamonds

In colored diamonds, the color itself is the most important factor. There are different colors like black, gray, green, purple, yellow, blue, pink, orange, red, and brown. Colored diamonds do not include diamonds within the normal color range such as slightly brownish, slightly grayish, or slightly yellowish. When the color is a natural property, they are called fancy-color diamonds.

The GIA has a different method of grading colored diamonds than that of colorless diamonds. These are viewed face up and their color is rated as Faint, Very Light, Fancy Light, Light, Fancy Dark, Fancy, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep, and Fancy Intense. Further, colored diamonds are more expensive than their colorless counterparts.

Treatments Can Enhance Diamond Color

Diamond color can be changed through treatments. If you keep all the parameters the same, diamond that has not treated costs more than the one that has undergone some treatment. The seller has the responsibility to inform the buyers of any treatment. The most common treatment method is High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) processing for loose diamonds. The color attained after the process is permanent.

Diamond color is an important quality of diamonds. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the same before you buy diamonds.

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