Top Engagement Ring Trends for the Coming Year

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The trends in the engagement ring styles are always changing. New trends, styles and designs are being introduced every year. As a new year is coming, everyone is eagerly waiting for the new changes happening in the jewelry world. Most people who are planning to propose soon are searching for the new trends in engagement rings, as they play a significant role in impressing their fiancée. If your bride-to-be is someone who closely follows the emerging fashion in the jewelry industry, then it is better to give her a new and trendy ring.

Following are some emerging trends in engagement ring styles that you have to look for in the following year.

Lab-grown diamonds

One of the significant engagement ring trends in the coming year is the use of lab-grown diamonds. They are diamonds that are created artificially inside a laboratory, but they exhibit all the features of a natural diamond. Many people are already using these stones for the ethical value these stones carry. It helps to avoid the environmental issues that are caused by the mining of natural diamonds.

As more people are becoming aware of the importance of protection of nature, lab-grown diamonds will create a great uproar in the coming year. This is a great choice for a bride who holds great ethical values.

It is easy to purchase lab-grown loosediamonds online. You can see a large number of sellers who sell both colorless stones and loose colored diamonds with the help of the internet. This will give you access to a wide range of collections than visiting a physical store.

Yellow gold settings

It is expected that the yellow gold will resurge in popularity as they will be widely used for an engagement ring setting. People who desire for simple yet elegant and bold designs can opt for yellow gold, as they will provide you a distinct appearance apart from the common look provided by traditional diamond rings that are set in white gold or platinum. Other advantages of using yellow gold are that it will complement all skin tones and is easy to resize if required.

Solitaire setting

Now, more women like their engagement ring simple rather than having some extravagant designs. Solitaire setting is a great choice for such a bride who likes simplicity. In this setting, there will be a single stone and the band can be either plain or with an understated pave style. This is a timeless design that will flatter every shape of diamonds.

Salt and pepper diamonds

Grey diamonds which are also known as salt and pepper diamonds are gaining huge popularity. This trend will also continue in the next year and these stones will become one of the most sought out colors in gemstones.

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