Top Rules For Buying Certified Loose Diamonds

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Certified Loose Diamonds
Certified Loose Diamonds

Since people began buying diamond jewelry online, loose diamonds became a popular choice. This is mainly because they can be easily inspected compared to preset stones. Moreover, choosing them will help with creating custom or unique jewelry designs. Furthermore, they are available in a wide variety of carat weights that are suitable for different budgets. The purpose of this article is to familiarise you with the top four rules that you must follow when buying loose diamonds; read on to know more about them.

Rule 1

The most important rule that you must follow when buying any diamond jewelry or loose diamonds is to look for diamond certification. This ensures that the stone has been evaluated by a third-party gemological laboratory. Some of the most trusted and internationally recognized laboratories are GIA, IGI, AGS, EGL, and HRD. Their certificates will let you know about the various factors that affect the characteristics and quality of the stone that you are purchasing. Finally, the certificate is proof that the stone has qualities as claimed by the jeweler. This is especially important when you are buying diamond jewelry online.

Rule 2

Often, when people buy loose diamonds, they choose bigger stones because they mistakenly believe that it is better, but this is not always true. As the size of the stone increases, top-quality diamonds become rarer. Experts recommend that it is better to buy a high-quality stone with a lower carat weight than a poor-quality stone with a bigger size.

Rule 3

When you buy a loose diamond, you must also consider the time that it takes to place it in a setting. This depends on the purpose for which the stone is purchased, i.e., to pop a question soon or as a gift. The best way to save time is to choose certified loose diamonds and select the setting at the same place. Furthermore, the advantages of doing this are that you get the fastest delivery and, in many cases, discounts on the total purchase.

Rule 4

Before buying loose diamonds or any diamond jewelry, you must do thorough research on the 4C’s of diamond quality. The color ranges from colorless to light yellow. Clarity is a measure of the absence or presence of inclusions in the stone. Carat is a measure of the weight of the diamond. Finally, the cut of the stone has a significant effect on the brilliance of the stone.

We hope that the rules mentioned above will help in your purchase of certified loose diamonds.

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