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Nothing is as disappointing for a woman as losing her engagement ring can be. The experience would be extremely awful no matter whether you lose it right after the wedding, or 5 years down the line. An engagement diamond ring symbolizes your bond as a couple, which means you need to be well prepared in many things in order to avoid losing it. For starters, you need to put your jewelry in a safe when not wearing it, keep the stone(s) on it protected with adequate settings, and take it off when doing strenuous work with your hands. In as much as you can, you should turn away when you see any beautiful loose diamonds for sale.

Although this might not help emotionally, having your jewelry insured is the best way to compensate for your financial losses and ease the stress you would normally experience after losing a diamond engagement ring. If you have misplaced one already, just follow the below steps to make the insurance claim. If you are yet to make a purchase, then this is one way that it does not make sense to buy loose diamonds.

Collect Information

You need to gather as much specific information as possible before filing a claim. Have the insurance documents at hand, crosscheck your account number, and note down all the details that you remember in order to fully explain the situation where you lost the ring. Make sure to hold it steady with your narration and not make any false statements. After that, make a copy of the diamond ring’s appraisal and hand that over to the insurance agent to get an approximate value.

Be Patient

After you have filed the claim, be patient and wait for the insurance agency to get back to you. The time taken to process the claim differs in different scenarios; sometimes, it can take even weeks to settle your case, which means there is no point in getting worked up over any delays.

Find a Replacement Ring

After your insurance company processes and approves your claim, you will need to visit the jeweler and pick a replacement ring for the amount which the insurer had specified. If you like a particular diamond ring but it cost more than the funds allotted by the insurance company, you can always pay extra to buy the engagement ring.

You can also cash out the amount approved for your claim instead of buying a replacement ring. Although the main purpose of filing a claim is to stay strong enough financially to buy a replacement ring, there is nothing wrong in opting for a cash payment instead. More often than not, that extra money can prove helpful if you happen to be lugging other commitments.

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