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Oval diamonds are a brilliant class of diamonds. They are sometimes used as a cheaper alternative to the round brilliant diamonds. However, there are also obvious flaws in these. Below is a discussion on the oval diamonds and their importance as a replacement to round brilliant diamonds.

Oval Diamonds

These are diamonds with excellent brilliance as well as character. It is a comparatively new cut, originating in the 1960s. It is gaining popularity due to its uniqueness. Amidst market dominated by the round and princess cut diamonds, the loose oval diamond rings stand out as a different option that is equally good.

Reasons to like an Oval Diamond

One of the first considerations of oval diamonds is that it is much cheaper. They are not in demand and hence the lower price. In case you are looking to purchase loose diamonds on a tight budget, this is a great choice.

Note that there is a huge difference between the round and oval cut diamonds. While there is a grading system in place for the former, the latter is not graded as it comes under the class of fancy cut diamonds. Due to this, it is impossible to judge the brilliance of the diamonds on the first take.

Round cut diamonds might be smaller but they shine brilliantly to make up for this. However, oval diamonds are not far behind the round diamonds in brilliance. Oval diamonds are included in the family of brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds exude as much brilliance as possible within the given conditions. Besides, they are cut in a similar way as round brilliant diamonds. Therefore, the two have a comparable level of brilliance.

Oval diamonds appear larger than the round cut diamonds of a similar carat weight. This is mainly due to its elongated profile. It gives the surface area a larger appearance. Apart from this, the oval diamonds are larger than round cut diamonds as a matter of fact. Oval shaped diamonds look 10% larger than the round shaped diamonds of a similar carat weight.

Besides, oval diamonds offer a better choice of shapes. Round shaped diamonds are obviously round in shape. However, in oval diamonds, you can choose either slender and long type of diamonds or a wider and fuller shape depending on your personal taste.

Finally, they are a rare choice among diamonds. You cannot commonly spot a person wearing an oval diamond, and wearing it could definitely make you stand out among the crowd.

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