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Loose Pink Diamonds
Loose Pink Diamonds

Being the most beautiful, hardest and most resilient gem of all, diamonds are man’s prized possessions from a very early time. Ranging from steel grey to white and black, diamonds come in a variety of colors. Out of them, the most expensive ones are blue, pink, orange, red, green, brown, black, yellow, etc in color. This article is focussed on loose pink diamonds. Ever wondered what made diamonds turn pink? Continue reading to know more.

Its Origin

There are thousands of theories about what gave these small loose diamonds their color. Gemmologists believe that the pink color was obtained at the time of the formation of these rocks. It is suspected that these rocks endured enormous pressure and thus turned pink in color. Despite the real cause of the pink color in these diamonds being un-discovered yet, this gemstone contributes to the world’s most beautiful setting; be it in a ring, bracelet or earring.

Its Intensity

The strength of a diamond’s color and its intensity are two factors which decide in what manner a pink diamond’s shade must be graded. Yes, there is the main hue that you observe at one glance; however, they can also have an overtone. The more saturated the color of these rocks are the more expensive these get. GIA grades these loose colored diamonds which are naturally pink in color in the following way:

  • Faint
  • Light
  • Fancy
  • Very Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Dark

Price And Rarity

Pink diamonds can indeed be brought from any part of the world; however, its largest cache is at the Argyle Mine situated in Western Australia. These rocks are extremely rare and only a few are made every year. With an increase in size and intensity, the prices of this beautifully pink gemstone have skyrocketed. In addition to the size in carat weight, the type of color intensity you want your pink diamond to be in also plays a crucial role in deciding the price of it. Yet another deciding factor is its secondary tone. Generally, the overtone is orange, purple or brown.

Famous Ring Settings With Pink Diamonds

Due to the pink diamond’s eye-catchy hue and stunning overtone, most people prefer this beautiful gemstone on their rings. Listed below are the three most ordered ring settings in recent times.

  • Three-stone
  • Halo
  • Double Halo

What is the color of your next diamond going to be? Pretty Pink!

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