The Secret Guide To Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion Cut Diamond
Cushion Cut Diamond
Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut diamond is one of the most popular shapes in the world of diamonds. It features rounded corners and a square or rectangular shape, which make it an attractive choice for those who want something unique and classic. The name of this cut comes from its resemblance to a cushion when viewed from the side.

The cushion cut diamond was developed in India over 200 years ago and has been highly sought after ever since. It was made famous by many European royalty and high society members in the late 1800s, including Queen Victoria. Today, it is still widely used and considered one of the top diamond shapes due to its romantic design and antique-like appearance.

Facts About Cushion Cut Diamond

One of the things that makes cushion cut diamonds so special is their excellent sparkle. Their round corners provide more reflective surfaces than other shapes, such as princess or emerald cuts, resulting in increased brilliance. The increased sparkle can help draw attention to the stone’s size, color, and clarity—three factors that affect a diamond’s value significantly.

Another unique quality of cushion cut diamonds is their lower profile, which means they are more secure in their settings than some other shapes that have higher crowns or points. This low profile also provides a greater range of options for settings, giving you more ways to customize your jewelry with this stunning shape.

As stated earlier, a cushion cut diamond is a square or rectangular shape and consists of 58 facets. Procedures, methods and cutting styles have changed over the years leading to the development of several variations like the custom modified brilliant which could have one more row of facets on the pavilion thereby altering the look of the diamond.

To some, there really isn’t anything quite like the crystalline sheen of a white diamond. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, earrings or even just a single diamond for a pendant, you should consider the beautiful cushion cut diamond for your next purchase. With its gorgeous look and sparkle, you can rest assured that it will be a piece you cherish for years to come! Quality jewelers would also love to help you design a cushion cut pave engagement ring that’s right for you.

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