Tips For Saving Money To Buy Loose Diamonds

Buy Loose Diamonds
Buy Loose Diamonds

As customers, we look for ways to save money when we buy a particular product. it is the same in the case of buying loose diamonds wholesale. The problem with buying diamonds is that you may need a large budget to get high-quality diamonds.

However, it is possible to get an incredible loose diamond that is within your budget. Here are some tips for saving money when you buy loose diamonds.

Choose Carat Wight That Is Just Short Of Major Thresholds

The price difference between diamonds gets higher as the size of the diamond increases. That means the cost of upgrading a 2-carat diamond to a 2.5-carat diamond is higher than the cost of upgrading a 1-carat diamond to a 1.5-carat diamond. This is because larger size diamonds are very rare and people are willing to spend more money to buy these large diamonds. Buying a diamond that has a carat weight just short of the thresholds can help you to save a lot of money. For example, instead of buying 1 carat or 2-carat diamond, buy a 0.9 carat or 1.9-carat diamond.

Do Not Forget To Compare The Color Grades

You don’t want to pay more for a feature that you can’t notice. Therefore, you should compare a few diamonds in person and find out which color grade looks whiter to you. Buying a diamond that has a lower color grade and still looks beautiful can help you to save a lot of money.

Buy A Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut is one of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings these days. This is mainly because the square shape of the princess cut is easily recognizable and can be mounted to almost all engagement ring settings. The main reason for many people to choose a princess cut diamond is that it is the cheapest fancy cut diamond available. The low cost of the princess cut is due to the fact that only very low raw diamond is cut away during polishing.

Use Prongs That Can Hide Inclusions

Diamonds that have blemishes and inclusions are cheaper. If the inclusion of the diamond you have is near to the edge, the metal prongs can easily hide these imperfections. That way you don’t have to spend too much on diamonds that do not have any inclusions or blemishes.

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