Buying Loose Diamonds Overseas

Buy Loose Diamonds
Buy Loose Diamonds
Diamond Buying Tips

The main thing that you may consider while choosing your diamond rings will be its price. Needless to say, every consumer out there will be looking for great diamond deals. One of the best ways for this is to buy loose diamonds separately rather than a readymade set. Note that purchasing loose diamonds at wholesale stores is likely to offer you great discount deals. You can mount your loose diamonds in whichever diamond ring setting that complements your budget as well as the diamonds later.

The place from which you purchase your diamonds can also make your purchase either expensive or cheap. On a related note, many studies in the field point out that buying diamonds from foreign countries can be a great way to trim down your overall diamond ring expense. In fact, it will be the best decision to purchase diamonds from the countries where they are mined. However, when you buy these diamonds from such places, you might also have to pay for its transportation and a few other marginal costs.

Are Diamonds Cheaper in Other Countries

A key reason for getting cheap loose diamonds overseas is their relatively low retail mark-up. Note that the retail mark-up percentage of diamonds in countries such as China and India are way lower when compared to that in the United States. However, none of these things will matter if you are going to a particular country just to buy cheap loose diamonds because you have to consider all other expenses such as travel costs, food and accommodation, etc. In case you are a frequent traveler, Dubai is one of the best countries that you may include in your bucket list in order to get cheap diamond deals.

Dubai is, in fact, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Luckily, the country is known for its booming diamond trade as well. The main advantage of purchasing gemstones from Dubai is that they are tax-free. Their excellent service, top-quality, and authentic certified diamonds also contribute to their diamond business.

Another popular destination where you are likely to get great diamond deals is Antwerp, Belgium. Actually, Antwerp is known as the diamond capital of Europe. In order to maintain their ‘diamond heaven’ reputation, the streets in Antwerp will be crammed with diamond jewelry stores. It will be worth noting that the neighborhood or premises of the Antwerp Central Station will be an ideal place for your diamond shopping. In case you plan to buy loose diamonds in bulk, the Diamond Exchange store will be perfect.

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