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Are you planning to get engaged shortly? Then, you would most probably be doing your diamond ring purchase soon. When it comes to loose diamonds, you may consider mainly four characteristics; the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamonds that are collectively known as the 4C’s. While the former three options are not solely in your hands, the latter is. Note that you can consider the carat weight of a diamond based on your personal preference and budget. Needless to mention, the price of a diamond ring tends to go up with its carat weight.

However, you might wonder how big is too big when it comes to the carat weight of diamonds? Or, is there such a thing called the biggest yet ideal carat weight? Note that some celebrities tend to flaunt diamonds rings that weigh up to 15 carats? Since you are no celebrity, will it be appealing for you to flaunt such a big rock? Will it complement your lifestyle and personality? Obviously, flaunting a diamond that is as big as one’s head will be quite disgusting. Still, what diamond sizes are taboo? Will loose colored diamonds of huge carat weight looks appealing on your finger? Are you also dealing with such questions? Then, refer to the guidelines given below regarding the perfect fit carat weight for your gleaming rock.

Never break the bank

Huge carat weight loose diamonds will be way expensive. Loose colored diamonds will be even more expensive. However, always keep in mind that you have a wedding to plan for. Plus, you are likely to face many other financial obligations such as honeymoon, home, vehicle, and many more. After all, you are not single anymore. Hence, it is always recommended to choose something that fits in your budget. Always think about your priorities. What is the use of gifting an expensive diamond ring to your wife if you can’t take her to the honeymoon destination she loves or do anything that she loves after the wedding? Always think ahead and plan carefully.

Consider the type of her finger

Not every woman will have the same type of fingers. While some women have thick and short fingers, some flaunt slender and long fingers. So, don’t make your diamond ring purchase only about the budget. Rather, consider the type of her finger as well and choose a size that looks flattering on her fingers. Note that large diamonds tend to dwarf slender fingers and are likely to make short fingers look even shorter. However, the cut and clarity of the stone will also come into play here. Usually, the fancy cut diamonds such as marquise, pear, emerald, etc., of carat size 3 and more will be perfect for a girl who has short fingers. Undoubtedly, the best way to figure out the right carat weight for you is to try it on.

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