How to Prevent Losing Gemstones from your Finger Ring?

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The last thing you want is to lose diamonds from any piece of jewelry, not least an engagement ring. This piece with a diamond is a pricey product, so you must be wary when handling it. Otherwise, your diamond in the setting could become loose and fall off the metal band of your ring. If that happens, there will not be much to separate it from loose diamonds, the ones that are not mounted on the band. Let us see the things you can perform to keep the gemstones from falling and consequentially, being lost to, Rockher shares the things you can perform to keep the gemstones from falling and consequentially, being lost.

Is a Diamond Missing from Your Ring?

Individuals tend not to realize that a gemstone is missing in their ring’s setting. Often, this happens when it has plenty of tiny diamonds placed in its setting. When it falls out of that area of the ring at the kitchen or nearby the sink, it might be difficult to recover the stone.

Pave-set diamonds are among the easiest stones to drop from the setting without being seen. Invisible-set stones are vulnerable too because this kind of ring setting fails to hold these in the setting as good as, say, metal claws do.

Channel setting is rather secure, but not invariably safe. If it is somehow damaged, then the setting might just not hold these gems well enough.

Why Do Diamonds Drop From the Setting?

Most often, these stones fall out when the ring is bumped against something sharp or hard by mistake. Certain settings are just not sturdy enough, and a strong bump could just knock the gem out of the setting that holds it in place.

Your setting may be conceived to be quite secure, but this does not guarantee that it is kept secure always. Over time, the metal of the ring band will wear down, plus mounting components will be less durable.

When the claws are excessively worn, then these can bend, in turn loosening the gemstone. As a result, it might just fall off the next time the wearer hits their ring.

Which Kinds of Diamonds Are Vulnerable?

How does one realize that their gemstone is exposed to the possibility of falling off before such a situation arises? One thing which the wearer can do is verify their ring to see whether it has any loose diamonds.

Touch and push your diamond gently to see whether it moves. In the case it moves slightly, you need to have it tightened by a jewelry person.

Diamonds that are set in worn, broken or worn metal claws are certainly at a higher risk of being loose and eventually falling out. In the event your ring setting is silver or gold or made of another softer metal, you have to know it is easy for its claws to bend.

As said earlier, diamonds placed in pave setting, invisible setting or one with inlaid gemstones are likelier to drop from it.

What You Should Do to Protect Diamonds

To ensure that the stones in your ring are safe, take the piece to a jeweler and have it fixed as soon as you discover that these are loose. That jeweler will then make your setting tighter, and they will repair the damage that causes trouble when the ring is worn.

If your ring has a claw setting, then check to see whether there are any worn metal prongs. You have to check on a regular basis to see any claw holding the stone is broken or bent. Do not wait for any damage to happen and then have it fixed when you notice it. After all, prevention is better than care in this matter too.

Be warier if you have yellow gold prongs, which are not all that durable. It is best to purchase a ring made up of platinum or nick-free white gold parts if it is possible.

Avoid wearing a ring featuring invisible-set stones when you do a task with your hands. You should do that because shaking your ring hard might just result in some diamonds popping out of your setting. That goes for a ring with inlaid gems, which could just pop out easily, particularly when the adhesive that holds these has become fragile.

Do not forget to clean the ring frequently because dirt can keep you from seeing damage to its setting and make its components wear down quicker. Diamond is a grease magnet, so keeping it clean is not as easy as you might think. You might have to clean it when oil is adhered to its surface, affecting its optical properties.

Just be wary of using ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The vibrations the cleaner produces usually loosen diamonds, so check if your setting is tight each time you put it in and take out from the device.

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