Should You Buy Trillion Cut Diamonds?

Trillion Cut Loose Diamonds
Trillion Cut Loose Diamonds
Trillion Cut Loose Diamonds

Trillion-cut diamonds can be a wonderful choice for people who want a different look from the common round, princess, and oval-cut diamonds. This particular diamond cut comes with a triangular shape which offers it a distinct look from other common diamond shapes. The corners of a trillion diamond can either be pointed or sharp. Therefore, it will be possible for you to choose a trillion cut loose diamond that can fit your character and lifestyle.

Trillion-cut diamonds are not commonly used as center stones, hence, by making them your center diamond, it will be possible to attain a different look for your engagement ring. You can also include these stones in your ring as accent stones to accentuate the brilliance and appeal of the center diamond.

Trillion diamonds have their own benefits and drawbacks when compared to other diamond shapes. Therefore, we list some of the important things you want to know about them:

Trillion-Cut Diamonds Look Bigger

One of the biggest advantages of trillion-cut diamonds over other round diamonds is their size. This diamond cut looks larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight. Hence, they can be a great choice for you if you want diamonds that look bigger.

Trillion-cut diamonds are shallower than round diamonds. The reduction in the depth offers these stones more top surface area thereby making them look bigger. Hence, trillion-cut loose diamonds can be an excellent choice for people who want bigger diamonds.

Trillion-Cut Diamonds Are More Affordable

In addition to their size, trillion diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds. So you can get a bigger stone for more affordable rates by buying these stones.

In addition to various benefits, trillion-cut diamonds have some drawbacks too. Therefore, we list some of the disadvantages of this stone for your knowledge:

Trillion-Cut Diamonds Can Be Vulnerable To Chipping

Trillion-cut diamonds that come with pointed corners can be highly vulnerable to chipping. Hence, you have to be careful when wearing your trillion-cut diamond ring.

Trillion-Cut Diamonds Can Be Difficult To Mount

It can be difficult for your jeweler to set a trillion-cut diamond on a mounting because of its specific shape and pointed corners.

Trillion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Needs More Cleaning

Trillion-cut diamonds need special prongs to mount in a setting because of their specific shape. V-prongs are usually recommended for this diamond shape. This setting can cause dirt to get accumulated around the corners, which can be difficult to clean.

Even though trillion-cut diamonds have some disadvantages, they can create a wonderful option to offer a unique look for your engagement ring.

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