Some Common Misconceptions About Diamonds Debunked

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Buy Loose Diamonds Online
Buy Loose Diamonds Online

It is not uncommon for jewelers to do business with people who have myths regarding diamonds. Usually, these are not harmful misconceptions, but individuals sometimes spend many resources to discover the best rock to purchase based on these. Do you wish to avoid some headache and the hassle involved in the purchase? If yes, be sure to get these common misconceptions out of your mind.

You Cannot Purchase Diamonds Online

With online shopping becoming more common, you will find that people are purchasing an increasing number of luxury products over the internet. For the same reason, more individuals will also look to buy loose diamonds online than before. Anyhow, you must be aware of the maximum things regarding the vendor you will buy from. Make the effort to research a brand before doing business with it. You will have to think about whether it offers a diamond grading report, or it has earned positive customer reviews and insures shipments, etc. Although, buying diamonds from e-commerce stores is becoming an increasingly popular thing, be sure to do it with due diligence.

Lab-Made Diamonds Are Fake Products

As their name implies, lab diamonds are produced with advanced equipment and technology in laboratories, and these mimic the properties of the natural rocks. The lab-made stones not only resemble their natural counterparts, but these also have similar chemical properties to the latter gems. One will have to use advanced tools to tell natural and lab-made diamonds apart. Even lapidaries tend to be unable to differentiate the two with the naked eye. The major distinction between both is in the price. The lab-made stones cost a lot less than the mined ones.

Conflict Diamonds No Longer Exist

Conflict diamonds are available even today. The mining process of these stones has played a part in bringing about wars in developing nations. A manufacturer may label its diamond as ‘ethical’, but it could still be a blood diamond. You can easily purchase one without knowing anything about its history. The lone way to confirm that a diamond is made ethically is by purchasing the lab-made rock.

The Three-Month Salary Rule

There is an antiquated rule that one should invest their three months’ gross salary in a diamond engagement ring. You don’t need to do so. By ignoring the rule, one can find an amazing deal on a piece of jewelry that their fiancée or fiancé will like.

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