Steps Involved In Choosing A Diamond

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When choosing a diamond, you have to consider many things. The shape of the diamond, the clarity and color grade, your budget, etc. are some of the important factors you have to consider when choosing a diamond. Whether you buy loose diamonds or mounted diamonds, it is a process you have to do with great caution, as you will be spending a large amount for this. Hence, we are listing some of the important steps involved in purchasing a diamond. It will help you to find a good stone that is worth the money you are spending.

Choose The Shape Of Your Diamonds

Diamonds come in different cuts including round, princess, cushion, oval, heart, pear, emerald, etc. Round brilliants are the most commonly used shape in diamonds. However, you can choose any shape you like. Each of these shapes have their own characteristics and specialties. For example, a round brilliant is known for its spectacular brilliance, whereas a princess cut diamond is popular for its unique rectangular shape. Hence, you can choose a shape based on your preferences.

Select A Carat Weight

As you have decided on the shape of your diamond, now it is time to choose a carat weight. The price of a diamond will significantly increase with its carat weight. Hence, you have to choose a carat size that fits your budget. Sometimes, it will be more affordable to buy two 1-carat diamonds than buying one 2-carat diamond. Hence, you have to be wise when choosing a carat weight for your diamond.

Decide A Cut Grade

The next step is to select a cut grade. This has a great role in deciding the appeal of a diamond. If the cut grade is good, then it can exhibit maximum brilliance and sparkle. But a poor cut grade will diminish the beauty of the diamond. Hence, you have to choose an ideal cut grade that will enhance the look of your diamond.

Decide A Color Grade

Your aim is to find a diamond that is close to colorless. The color is graded using a scale that ranges from D-Z. Diamonds that fall in the grade D are close to the colorless range and the presence of color will increase through the grades until it reaches Z. But you don’t have to spend huge money for getting D grade diamonds, diamonds that fall within the ranges G-I are also almost colorless, and they are less expensive too.

Select A Clarity Grade

If the diamond has inclusions or blemishes, it will reduce the value of the same. Hence, you have to evaluate the diamonds closely, especially when you buy loose diamonds. Choose a clarity grade where the flaws in a diamond are not visible to the naked eye.

One of the key factors you have to look for when buying diamonds is its certificate. Make sure to buy certified loose diamonds to ensure that the claims made by the jeweler about the diamond are true.

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