Things To Know About Diamond Certification

Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds

The price of a diamond will vary depending on many factors such as cut, clarity, weight, etc. The design and the color will also add more value to a piece of diamond. However, in the market, we can find two categories of diamond jewelry such as certified and uncertified. The price of loose diamonds will be comparatively higher if it is certified. Most of the consumers prefer to buy certified diamonds because it has more resale value. Through this article, we will discuss the diamond certification.

What Is Certification?

A diamond certificate is a document issued by a third-party laboratory. This certificate is important because it will describe all the characteristics of the stone. The diamond certification is like a review letter from an expert describing the qualities and flaws of the stone. There are many labs that are renowned for diamond certification such as GIA, AGS, IGI, etc. Since it is difficult to describe all the pros and cons of a stone individually, the certification agencies are using the grading system to differentiate the high and low quality diamonds.

What Is The Difference Between Certificates Of Different Agencies?

It is necessary to understand that diamond certification is subjective. It is also important to understand that there is no central organization to control the grading process, therefore, the grades provided by different agencies are based on their individual grading system. For example, if you are taking the same diamond for certification in two different agencies, the grades given by those two agencies will be different. As it is not uniform, the grades certificate of two different agencies cannot be compared reliably.

What Is The Relation Between Certification And Price Of The Diamond?

There is no direct relation between the price of a diamond and its certification. The grade certificate of a diamond is just a document that will help you to understand the qualities of a diamond easily. However, as mentioned earlier in this article, the price of certified diamonds is comparatively higher than uncertified diamonds because it will have more resale value. On the other hand, the price of a diamond is decided by different factors such as the perfection of cut, clarity, and color. The demand for diamonds in the market is also considered while pricing the same.

The above mentioned are a few basic factors about diamond certification. There are so many diamond certifying agencies and if you are planning to buy a certified diamond, make sure to buy the stones certified by reputed agencies like GIA.

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