Tips to Avoid Losing Diamonds from your Ring

Cushion Cut Loose Diamond
Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are very expensive, therefore, you have to be really careful when handling them. Diamonds are very easy to lose without you even noticing it. It can be a devastating experience for you, as you might have spent a good fortune for owning one. Hence, we include some tips for you to keep your stones safe and to avoid losing them.

Are your diamonds missing?

Sometimes, it is possible for people to not realize that they have lost one or more of their stones. This can happen especially when the ring contains a large number of small stones. Stones in the pave setting are one of the easiest to lose, as there will be numerous stones set in them. Invisible-set diamonds are also at greater risk, as for this setting, the stones are not held securely as in a prong set ring. Even channel setting, which is considered relatively safe, is not always secure. If the channels get damaged, then it may not be able to hold the stones well.

Why diamonds fall off?

You may sometimes notice loose diamonds on your ring which can be caused as a result of pressure or stress applied to the ring. If you do not pay attention to them, it can eventually fall off your ring. Also, some settings may not be as strong as others so that a stronger bump may knock out a stone out of its settings.

Even though your setting is greatly secure, it can wear off as years pass or if the ring is subjected to stress or pressure for a long time. Hence, you may lose your diamonds unexpectedly if you are not able to find out the loose diamonds present on your ring.

How to protect your stones?

If you find out the presence of loose diamonds on your ring, you have to immediately take it to a jeweler, who can repair it for you by tightening the settings. Rings with prong settings should be inspected regularly to find out if there are any worn prongs, especially if you hit your ring somewhere.

You have to be extra careful if your ring is made up of gold, which is not very durable like platinum or some other metals. If your ring has an invisible setting, avoid wearing it when doing any vigorous activities. Also, make sure to keep your ring always clean and free of dust, as it will help you to spot loose diamonds or prongs easily.

However, if you lose one or more of your small diamonds, don’t get panic. You may choose to buy loose diamonds and take it to a jeweler for fixing it on your ring.

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