What Are Loose Diamonds And Why Should You Buy Them?

Everyone who has ever looked into buying diamonds or diamond jewelry knows that there has always been the option of buying loose diamonds. When a person buys loose diamonds, it is usually with the intention of using the stones in the kind of jewelry which they desire. Most times they pick this option because said jewelry is not available at the jeweler or on the website they have visited. Buying loose diamonds is in fact a good idea, and for a variety of reasons.

Since When?

People have been buying loose diamonds for a long time, whether from a wish to save money or to get the best deal they can for their buck. This form of purchasing has been trending in recent times, and there is now a high demand for the best loose diamonds out there. In this day and age, the ultimate consumer is the one who can make smart purchases of this sort.

Is Wholesale Price Better?

It is widely known that getting jewelry at retail prices these days is very expensive, mainly because retail jewelers have a lot of costs to cover, including rent for the space they set up shop in. It serves the consumer better to prefer buying online, and while they’re at it, buying certified loose diamonds which they can later have set in the ring, necklace or bracelet which they like.

What Are Some Instances Where Buying Loose Diamonds Is Better Than Buying Mounted Diamonds?

  • When You Plan To Gift Diamonds: This includes those times when you want to present a diamond or diamonds as a gift to someone whose personal taste and preference you do not know. If it is a loved one you are giving this gift to, and you went with a mounted diamond, your choice would also have to land the right size, as well as the right choice of metal to be mounted on, not to mention a variety of other things. It is best in fact to get a loose diamond or diamonds first, and then find the right jeweler for the other stuff. This way you can get exactly what your loved one wants, all while saving a ton of money.
  • When You’re Planning For Later: This is an extension of the above point, in that if you plan on presenting a diamond later to someone special, it helps if you only have to spend on the diamonds first, and have the chance to spend on attached jewelry later.
  • When You Want To Customize: A lot of people want to customize and personalize their diamond jewelry, but there is a limit to what can be done with mounted diamonds. Loose diamonds let you go all out in this respect.
  • When You Have Savings On Your Mind: Better savings is always a benefit. When you spend on wholesale diamonds, you can get truly remarkable stones for a lot cheaper.
  • When You Wish To Compare: With loose diamonds you get the chance to compare more objectively. With the right jeweler in the picture, you can also compare based on the certification of each stone, and then arrive at a decision based on quality and price.
  • When You Want Signature Diamonds: If you have your mind set on a signature diamond or even a matching pair, nothing works as well as buying loose stones. These would be difficult to find off-the-shelf if they were mounted. You can get in touch with a jeweler who can hook you up with the right stone.
  • When You Need To Focus On Stone Quality: Going in for loose diamonds frees you up to checking out all the details pertaining to a stone which you are interested in. You can also check for potential problems with the product, as well as verify these issues beforehand.

One question a lot of people have about surprise engagement rings is about choosing the right setting for their loved ones. The main hurdle is fixing on something that the latter would like, and this works best if the diamond is bought loose from a reliable jeweler.

While proposing with a loose diamond may not seem as romantic as popping the question with a mounted stone, the former does give a couple the time and chance to go ring shopping together and pick out something they both like. It is possible to get a diamond set in a temporary setting (or even a clasp-foe ring) just for the purpose of the proposal. Some jewelers even give special presentation boxes for showcasing loose diamonds, although these need to be ordered separately.

Hopefully the above information will find you in good standing, both when buying a diamond and presenting it to a loved one. Make sure to insist on the strictest certification, regardless which way you choose to go.

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