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Diamond Producing Countries

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful and valuable gemstones that naturally occur in the crust of the earth. These naturally available gemstones are subjected to a number of quality enhancement treatments in order to make them look a lot more appealing, and to use them for making diamond rings and other pieces of jewelry. However, several customers are not aware of the fact that even though diamonds are sold and manufactured all over the world, only a few countries produce these gemstones naturally.

It is important to note that the earth is divided into two main diamond manufacturing bands, the Southern band and the Northern band. The Northern band consists of Russia and Canada whereas the Southern band comprises of Australia, Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. The center band of earth, which includes countries like Brazil, Venezuela, and Ivory Coast, also produce diamonds.


Southern Africa is one of the largest diamond producing regions in the world. When it comes to volume and value, Botswana, which is located in Southern Africa, continues to be one of the major producers of diamonds on the globe. The diamond engagement ring worn by Meghan Markle contained diamonds which were mined from Botswana.

South Africa

Some of the finest and most breathtaking diamonds available in the market, and worn by celebrities, were mined in South Africa. Diamonds of different sizes and shapes are still being discovered in this country. One of the most famous diamonds ever, The Cullinan, which is estimated to carry 3106 carats, was also discovered in one of the mines in South Africa.


Some of the world famous and well-established mines in the world are located here in Zimbabwe. For instance, the Murowa mine, which is internationally renowned among diamond collectors and jewelers for manufacturing high-quality medium-range color diamonds, is located in this African country.


It might come as a surprise to many that the first mine in Canada was opened in the year 1988, which is approximately a century after the discovery of diamonds in South Africa. Today, Canada has four working mines, which are located in Victor, Snap Lake, Ekati, and Diavik.


As you would probably know, Russia is one of the leading diamond producers across the world. Most of the diamonds mined in Russia contain sharp corners, and eight facets each. However, diamonds of different colors, clarities, and shapes are found aplenty in the mines of Russia.

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