A Brief Comparison between Enhanced Diamonds and Natural Diamonds

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Diamonds can be considered as a future investment as well as an incredible piece of jewelry that can stand the test of time. Anyhow, if your purpose of buying diamonds is the investment, it is better to choose loose diamonds rather than a jewelry piece. This is better if you want to trade your diamond in the future for an upgrade. Furthermore, the main thing that you must consider while buying diamonds is the factors that add to its quality and value. In this case, most buyers will be wondering about whether to choose natural diamonds or enhanced diamonds for a sound purchase. In order to understand this better, below is a brief comparison between both these options.

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are formed beneath the Earth around 85 to 125 miles below the crust. These rocks, which are made from carbon atoms under immense pressure and heat, are the hardest and purest mineral that is known to man. It can take around 3 billion years for a diamond to form under the Earth, and once formed, it will reach the surface via the molten rock streams. Hence, natural diamonds are really rare.

Additionally, these gemstones will acquire many flaws and inclusion within and outside them throughout the formation phase. Here, the inclusions that are formed inside a natural diamond are regarded as its unique identity code because no two diamonds will have the same inclusion. As a result of this rarity and uniqueness, natural diamonds are usually preferred as a prized possession and a valuable investment.

Enhanced Diamonds

Enhanced diamonds, also known as treated diamonds, are natural stones too, but processed in order to enhance its visual appeal. When it comes to the value of treated diamonds, it depends on the type of treatments that are employed. However, the enhancement treatment methods may sometimes crack or discolor the diamonds, and hence, you must be really vigilant while choosing such diamond variants.

Laser drilling is one of the common treatment methods used to boost up the clarity grade of a diamond. Here, minor inclusions within a gemstone are removed by using laser light. Laser drilling may ultimately cause diamond discoloration though, or it may produce cracks on the surface of the gemstone.

Another diamond enhancement method is HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature), which is used to enhance or permanently change the color of natural diamonds. Here, the technicians will put a diamond into a chamber where it will be subjected to high heat and pressure for a limited period of time. HPHT diamonds are relatively high in quality and value.

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