Are You Making Your Diamond Brand’s Social Proof As Big As Possible?

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Several people who look to buy loose diamonds and diamond jewelry start the process online, similar to other shoppers. They use Instagram and Google to not only discover diamond brands but also know the customers’ opinions. Therefore, independent jewelers cannot afford to disregard social media as a marketing tool for diamond loose stones and jewelry set with gems.

Beyond just creating a buzz, social media’s marketing power is in its ability to create trust in a brand. The reviews and organic interactions present on social networking websites reveal what people think about brands. That is called social proof; if harnessed properly, it could drive not only valuable reach but also referrals. Why? Because if satisfied diamond customers light up your brand’s social feeds, then others would be more confident about reaching out or visiting your shop.

How To Engage Potential Shoppers With Your Social Media Content

A consistent web presence can help to show that your brand is authentic, thus automatically boosting its social proof. Consider trying the following to improve that social proof.

  • Do No Be Shy About Interacting With Others

Each day, make the effort to not just follow accounts but also comment on and like others’ social media content. Showing interest and being active may spark some interest in people in engaging with your account posts. If followers engage positively with those, then it would give others the impression that you are trustworthy.

  • Be As Responsive As Possible To Messages And Comments

Never keep people waiting for your answer after they deliver you a direct message or leave you a query in your social media comments section. Remember, they visit social media with the expectation of a more personal, direct interaction than what they could have on your site.

  • Share Photographs Of Your Diamond Buyers

Share pictures of normal folks celebrating their milestones with diamond-set jewelry from you. Do not forget to seek their permission to do so. You might be surprised by the sheer number of shoppers happily pausing for pictures as you celebrate with them.

  • Draw Attention To Happy Experiences

If you cannot capture your customers’ happiness at your store, request them to write a review of your product(s) on Facebook or elsewhere. You may screenshot their positive reviews to post on other pages of social networking websites, thus gaining more out of those.

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