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An engagement is one of the most important occasions in the life of a person since it is the first celebration that officially marks your union with your partner. Once you decided to take this important step in your relationship, the main thing that you will have to think about will be the diamond engagement ring, and it ought to be special and out of this world. When it comes to choosing different elements in your ring such as the gemstones, metal choice, diamond ring settings, etc., you must be very crucial. After all, it plays a major role in terms of both the emotional and financial aspects.

The Significance of a Diamond Ring Setting

Obviously, diamonds are the most important elements in an engagement ring since it represents the love and unity in your relationship. Additionally, it will be the most expensive thing in your sparkler. Hence, it is your responsibility to ensure a maximum protection for the gemstones in your ring. Luckily, there are many diamond ring setting options available to achieve this objective. These settings are also perfect to boost up the overall appeal of your token of love. In fact, the first step in designing a diamond engagement ring is the selection of an alluring diamond ring setting. Below is the list of the best diamond ring setting choices that are currently trending in the field along with their pros and cons.

Prong Setting

This is one of the traditional diamond ring settings, in which claw-like metal structures known as prongs are used in order to secure the gemstones in the ring. As slender metal projections are employed here, the maximum surface area of the gemstone is exposed in this case. Therefore, the amount of light entering into the stone will be more, and this will enhance the overall sparkle of your diamond engagement ring.

A prong setting is perfect to highlight your center stone as well as to make it look bigger than the gemstones of similar carat weight. However, the disadvantage of choosing a prong diamond ring setting is that it is not suitable for a person who leads an active lifestyle. This is because an external shock or any other impact may bend or break the prongs in the ring. In some cases, it may snag on to your clothes, fabrics, or even your skin.

Tension Setting

If you are more into modern designs, this will be a perfect option for you. Here, a gemstone will be secured at the center of a ring by means of the tensile force exerted by the diamond ring band from each side. This will create an illusion of the gemstone suspended freely in the air. Note that there will be a tiny groove at the both edges of a diamond ring band so that the gemstone is well protected. However, these grooves are hidden from the viewers in order to offer the floating appeal.

The downsides of this type of pressure mounted diamond rings is the lack of security. Here, a small external shock may disturb the overall diamond ring setting. Besides, small diamonds cannot be set using a tension setting and hence, you will have to pay a big amount in order to own this kind of sparklers.

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