The Steps That Goes into the Diamond Inscription Process

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Diamond Inscription Steps

People who seek diamond engagement rings often look to inscribe a love message on the ring or the center stone to make it an even more personalized gift. While diamonds have a unique cut that symbolizes love, the message on the precious metal band or the sparkling stone makes it even more stunning. Below is how diamond inscription process works.

A diamond will usually have the GIA report number engraved on it, aside from personalized messages, if you choose to inscribe one. You can enter the unique number into the diamond grading laboratory’s website to get an electronic copy of the GIA rating certificate. This report card will come handy when you decide to sell the diamond ring after a couple of years or so.

Choosing a Spot on the Girdle for the Inscription

The process of inscribing a message onto a diamond is simple as well as sophisticated. It is one that involves advanced equipment and necessitates skilled craftsmen to finish the task. It begins with assessing the diamond and finding out the right position on its widest part to inscribe wordings, which is done using laser beam equipment. The inscription size is not bigger than a few microns, so one will require a magnification scope to view the same. Further, the font size and length of the inscription is also considered alongside how it will look on the edge of a diamond.

The Length of the To-Be Inscribed Message

Once the position is chosen to inscribe a message on the diamond’s girdle, the length of the message is determined. Often, this is kept short and simple to read, yet powerful enough to evoke sentiment. GIA’s report number would be inscribed on the gemstone prior to a personalized message in most cases. Anyhow, the girdle of the gemstone will have sufficient space to inscribe a message like “Forever Mine” or “Love You, Always”.

How a Diamond is Inscribed

Prior to placing the gem in front of a laser beam, it is placed on a tiny jig that holds it securely in place, so that laser system can inscribe the message on the girdle carefully. The laser system focuses on a specific part of the widest area of the diamond; prior to inscribing a personal message on it, the equipment will provide the craftsman a precise indication on its screen as to where the wording should go.

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