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Blue diamonds are one of the most admired options to flaunt on the fingers of almost every person. No wonder, the popularity of blue diamond rings is increasing with every other day. Their rarity and uniqueness also contribute to this. Diamond rings that feature blue gemstones symbolize many elements such as prestige, royalty, luxury, classiness, mystery, etc. Hence, this type of classy diamond rings will be really expensive. In fact, blue diamonds are counted as one of the rarest and most expensive colored diamond varieties.

The major source of blue diamonds is in South Africa and India. The contribution of Australia to the world’s blue diamond supply is also notable. Blue diamonds get its spectacular appeal because of the presence of a rare element, Boron in its chemical structure. The intensity of blue color will increase with the amount of Boron present in the rock. Being said that, diamonds with vivid hues are more expensive when compared to their lighter counterparts.

Diamonds may also acquire a blue color when the presence of nitrogen atoms in their chemical structure is low. You can see a grayish or greenish tinge in some blue diamonds as well, which is because of the presence of hydrogen atoms in the stone during its formation. In case of greenish blue diamonds, it will be either because of irradiation or due to the presence of nitrogen impurities.

The majority of blue gemstones that you see in stores will have secondary hues; natural pure blue diamonds are extremely rare. This made blue diamond rings a famous option even from the ancient times. Unsurprisingly, the most popular diamonds in the history are blue stones that are cloaked in sophistication and mystery. Below are five of the most popular and expensive blue diamonds in the world.

The Hope Diamond

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The Hope Diamond is one of the most popular diamonds in the world; the fancy dark grayish blue stone boasts a carat weight of 45.52 and it comes with clarity of VS1 range. Obviously, it is a one-of-a-kind diamond. It was previously owned by the American jeweler, Harry Winston, who donated the priceless rock to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958, after keeping it with him for a decade. The interesting part is that he sent the gemstone to the Institution via registered mail as he felt that it the safest way to ship the gemstone. Even though the Hope Diamond is priceless, it is given an approximate value of $250 million.

The Heart of Eternity

The Heart of Eternity is an incredibly rare blue gemstone that is counted amongst the most expensive blue diamonds ever sold. This 27.64 ct fancy vivid blue stone was discovered in a South African mine, and its stunning heart cut was given by the Steinmetz Group for De Beers. In January 2000, De Beers unveiled the gemstone in order to exhibit it in the London’s Millennium Dome as the De Beers Millennium Jewels Collection. Later, the Heart of Eternity was loaned to the Smithsonian Institution so that a number of visitors can marvel at its utmost charm. When it comes to the price of this amazing beauty, it is said to be approximately $80 million.


Another name in the list of most expensive blue diamond rings in the world is the Wittelsbach-Graff. This huge diamond also holds a history that is equally rich as the Hope Diamond. Wittelsbach-Graff, which is graded as internally flawless and colored as fancy deep blue, was displayed on the crown of the King of Bavaria. The stunning blue gemstone that weighed 35.56 ct was believed to be discovered in the Golconda mines of India. In 2008, the owner of Graff Diamonds bought the diamond for $23 million. In fact, it holds the fourth position in top ten most expensive diamonds ever sold in auction. Graff re-cut the blue diamond to 31.06 ct in order to enhance its brilliance and fire. Currently, its price is estimated to be approximately $80 million.

The Imperial Blue

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The Imperial Blue is the largest known fancy deep blue diamond in the world. This pear-shaped blue gemstone was discovered from the alluvial deposits. The rough stone that weighed 101.50 ct was acquired by Laurence Graff in 1984 and it was cut into an appealing gemstone. Currently, it weighs 39.31 ct. It was later sold to an anonymous buyer after mounting it on a sparkling platinum ring. If this flawless diamond ring is offered in an auction, its approximate price will be $79 million.

The Blue Heart

In 1908, this fancy deep blue heart-shaped diamond was found in the Premier Mine. From then, it was flaunted on the fingers of many owners. Interestingly, this lustrous diamond was mistakenly named as Eugene blue in reference to the French Empress, Eugenie. However, there is no evidence that the Empress ever owned it. In 1960, an American socialite, Marjorie Merriweather Post bought the ring from an American jeweler, Harry Winston, and it was donated to the Smithsonian Institution in 1964. Based on the current price record of blue diamonds, the Blue Heart may cost $61 million.

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