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Conflict diamonds are those that are mined to finance a war or conflict, usually targeted at undermining a legit government. They are also known as blood diamonds, as they fund rebel movements, civil wars, as well as human rights’ abuse, eventually leading to numerous fatalities and even the demise of innocent people.

Earlier in the last decade, the government of South Africa invited main diamond producing and trading nations, representatives of the industry, and non-governmental organizations to talk about plans to stop conflict diamonds trade. After that, the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme came into force and it was endorsed officially by the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council to control the trade of blood diamonds.

The Kimberly Process aims to avoid conflict diamonds flow, while helping to protect legitimate rough diamonds trade. It set out comprehensive requirements to certify rough diamonds’ shipment as that of conflict-free diamonds. Members of the Process should meet minimum requirements and set up national legislation, import, export, and control of internal movement, and should consent to share data. Members are legitimately allowed to trade only with other members, who too have met the minimum prerequisites outlined by the Kimberly Process, and shipping of international uncut or rough diamonds should have a conflict-free certificate issued by the process.

The Conflict Free Diamond Council offers guidelines to help customers purchase one. For instance, the gemstone should mined, cut as well as polished in the exact area or territory without crossing national borders, should have a laser-engraved serial number, and then scanned as well as recorded in a secret and centralized database. The mining facilities of the gem, those where it is cut and polished should adhere to international labor and fair wage legislature and should employ native residents.

How to Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds

Despite all the measures, some conflict diamonds still exist in the market faking as conflict-free ones. Although it assures rough diamonds are conflict-free, consumers still have a concern as to whether they are ethically sourced.

One way to avoid is to rely on exported diamonds from countries with a good reputation. Besides, you can select lab created and certified diamonds, as they are devoid of any conflict and ethical questions, in the sense that there is very little likelihood for one to be harmed in the process due to heavy labor or gas exposure.

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