What is Better: Purchasing a Loose Diamond or a Mounted Diamond?

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When planning to buy an engagement ring, some people often think that only preset designs are available in the market as the best choices. However, that is not necessarily the case these days. You also have the option to buy loose diamonds and customize the engagement ring as per your likes later.

The thinking of some customers is that why even wait to have it custom set given the option to select a ring with diamond mounted. While that lets people make a quick purchase, customizing an engagement ring with loose diamonds is also a worthwhile thing to consider. Ideally, you should go with any of the choices that suit your requirements. Yet again, you may as well consider these things to make an informed purchase decision.

The Distinctions between a Preset and Custom Ring

The difference between them does boil down to convenience and flexibility. A preset engagement ring offers a cash and carry, which is a quicker and straightforward mode of purchase. It is the ideal option if all you need is a ring with diamond in a hurry. However, does it make it tougher for a layperson to correctly assess the quality of a diamond? Very often, the gemstones are set in a ring in such a way that flaws of it are concealed by metal claws or away from the sight. As most buyers do not know what exactly to be wary of, it can be rather easy to be tricked by a seller who has no ethics.

Advantages of Purchasing Loose Diamonds

While it might be a rather time consuming thing to buy a loose gemstone and have it set in a separate mounting, there are those who feel this is the wiser choice of the two.

  • It lets you focus on the quality of the gemstone for the best possible selection. You get to inspect a loose diamond, not one that is mounted, which lets you check for any potential issues and verify them beforehand.
  • It is more easy to make a buy within your budget. Most diamond jewelers carry a limited number of preset rings in retail stores, so you might not at all times be able to find the one that fits the budget or criteria; you are either forced to up the budget or compromise on something and settle for a lesser priced diamond ring.
  • You can choose to design an engagement ring of your preference or let her select the setting. For most men, selecting a ring design can be rather confusing. You can get around that by letting your ladylove select the setting or ring design of choice.

How Does One Propose with an Un-Mounted Diamond?

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Some people often ask this – how does one make sure the engagement ring setting is one that the love of their life prefers? Popping the question with a loose diamond does not sound that romantic either. It is somewhat a rule of thumb to go down on one knee and slip a ring onto the finger of your lover.

There are ways to make it picture-perfect though. You could have the gemstone set in a temporary setting so that it is protected and looks presentable during the proposal. Once you successfully make the proposal, you can shop for an engagement ring design with your fiancée.

Which Choice is the Ideal One for you?

To recap, you can take any of the following routes with un-mounted diamonds.

  • Do you need to select the final diamond ring design with your lover or own your own, so that you have it ready on the proposal day?
  • Would you like to have it set in a solitaire setting and give your fiancée the option to choose a different one later on?
  • Would you choose to pop the question with a loose diamond? Some jewelers give a special presentation box also for loose diamonds on request. Other jewelers may be able to give a spring ring clasp so that you can set the gemstone on it.

Taking into Account Diamonds as a Form of Investment

This is also another matter to consider. There are those who invest their money into the gemstone. Firstly, you have to recognize that diamonds have a distinct trading model and that they cannot still be treated like public shares.

When you are seriously considering a diamond as a future investment, you might want to purchase them loose. That is because they have more liquidity in comparison and are more easy to be evaluated by purchasers for their value.

Very rarely, though, the integrity of a jewel with diamond mounted on it might be valuable than selling the gemstone and setting individually. For instance, when famous people have worn it before, it could be a valuable piece for a diamond collector.

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