Where are Pink and Other Colored Diamonds Found?

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Pink diamonds are one of the rarest and valuable gemstones available out there. Naturally occurring pink diamonds have the unique ability to grab the attention of viewers in a matter of seconds. In addition to that, natural pink diamonds evoke a sense of luxury and romance, which is why brides prefer these gemstones over other choices.

The stunning beauty and scarcity of pink diamonds have made them a spectacular addition in any diamond or jewelry collection. However, the rarity of natural pink diamonds has also made them relatively expensive. In fact, a recent study revealed that the price of a natural pink diamond might be approximately twenty times that of a natural white diamond.

The uniqueness and natural elegance of pink diamonds has urged several celebrities to choose pink diamond engagement rings. Some famously style-conscious icons such as Jennifer Lopez, Vitoria Beckham, and Queen Elizabeth II have been spotted wearing rings mounted with natural pink diamonds on multiple occasions.

A majority of diamond buyers are not aware of the fact that natural pink diamonds are available only in the mines of Canada, Tanzania, South Africa, Siberia, Russia, and Brazil. Even these are small deposits; larger concentrations are only found in the Argyle Mine of Australia. Most of the high-quality pink diamonds produced by this mine are polished and cut prior to selling.

The Argyle diamond mine of Australia is located in one of remote Northwest Territories in the country. It might come as a surprise that approximately 90 percent of the pink diamonds in the world are mined in this mine.

Another large producer of colored diamonds is South Africa. Large deposits of green and orange diamonds are found in the mines of South Africa. In addition to that, the mines in South Africa produce blue and yellow colored diamonds, although not in large quantities.

The Golkanda region in India is also one of the primary suppliers of color diamonds, particularly blue diamonds. In fact, one of the most famous colored diamonds, Hope diamond, was mined in India. The mines in Russia, which are located in remote locations, are well known for producing purple diamonds. On the other hand, South American mines are the only mines to discover large quantities of natural green diamonds.

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