Choosing A Ring Setting For Your Loose Diamonds

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Choosing the right ring setting for your loose diamonds can be a confusing task. You can either go with different traditional options like solitaire or halo setting or design something on your own. A lot of people now prefer to buy loose diamonds, as it allows them to set these stones on a custom-designed piece of jewelry. If you are looking for the best ring settings for your loose diamonds, then we offer some suggestions:

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Setting

Getting loose diamonds can help you to choose a ring setting that can complement the stone well. Selecting the right metal for your stone is one of the important factors you have to consider when choosing a setting.

There are different types of metals available for your engagement ring. Gold, platinum, and silver are the popular and commonly used metals for engagement rings.

You can choose a metal based on the peculiarities of your diamond. If your diamond is truly colorless, then you can make it extra shiny by choosing a white metal like white gold, platinum, or silver. It is also possible to choose rose or yellow gold for your colorless diamond to bring a beautiful contrast.

If the diamond has a yellow tint, then it is better to choose yellow gold, as the shiny, yellow hue of this stone will make the tint of your diamond less visible.

Other important factors you have to consider are whether to get side stones and accent stones for your ring. Additionally, it is important to consider the lifestyle and character of your fiancée to find a perfect setting.

Popular Ring Settings For Loose Diamonds

The following are some of the popular settings commonly used in engagement rings:

Solitaire Setting: This particular ring setting features only a single center stone set on a simple band.

Halo Setting: A halo ring will have a center diamond encircled by small accent stones.

Bezel Setting: The bezel setting offers a sleek and modern appearance for the ring with the metal encircling the entire circumference of the stone.

Three-Stone Setting: This setting has two additional stones that are slightly smaller than the center stone.

Pave Setting: Comes with small accent stones embedded in the ring’s band.

Tension Setting: Here, the center diamond will look like it is being held by the tension between the two ends of the band, but there will also be small grooves on the band, used for holding the stone securely.

But if you do not like to go with these common options, then it is better to choose a custom-made design that can exhibit your unique personality.

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