How To Set Your Loose Diamonds?

Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds
Loose Diamonds

A lot of people prefer to get loose diamonds instead of mounted ones, as it will be possible for them to set these stones later based on their requirements. Also, when you buy loose diamonds, it will be easy to analyze the features and flaws of the stones closely when compared to mounted diamonds. Hence, buying loose diamonds can be greatly beneficial for you to get high-quality stones at the best price.

You can set your loose diamonds with the help of a jeweler. But before setting a diamond, there is a large number of factors you have to consider to create stunning jewelry. Some of the important things that you have to take into consideration before mounting your loose diamonds are listed below:

Choose A Metal

The metal you choose can significantly affect the appeal of your stone. If your stone has high color grade and is almost colorless, then it is better to go for a white metal, as it can enhance the brilliance of the diamond. You can choose white gold or platinum in this situation. Platinum is a popular metal used to set diamonds, as its soft, white allure can accentuate the sparkle of diamonds. But platinum is the most expensive among all the metals that are commonly used in jewelry.

If you are on a budget, but want a soft look for your ring, then silver can be a wonderful option for you.

If your stone has a slight yellow tint, then it is better to select a yellow metal, as it can mask the yellow tint of the diamond. Yellow gold can be your best choice in this case. Rose gold is also used for setting diamonds.

Select A Setting

There is a wide range of settings available for you to mount your diamond, especially, if you want to set it on a ring. Some of the best options that you can consider are:

Prong: This is one of the most commonly used settings for diamonds. It includes claw-like structures holding your diamond in place. You can choose four or six-prong settings for your ring. Even though a four-prong setting can improve the visibility of the diamond, you will have to compromise the safety.

Other commonly used settings are bezel, pave, halo, three-stone, cathedral, split shank, etc. You can choose a setting based on your likes.

When setting your diamond, make sure to find a reputable and experienced jeweler, as this can help to get the best jewelry that can perfectly fit your requirements.

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