Hearts And Arrow Diamonds: A Sparkling Heart On Your Ring Finger

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Heart Cut Diamonds

What better way to express your undying love to the one love of your life, than by slipping in a heart cut diamond ring under a starry sky? With cupids flying in the air, and love wafting all around, gifting a brilliant cut diamond, especially a hearts and arrow diamond can make all of the difference- telling them exactly how much you mean to them.

What are they exactly? Read on and we’ll help you keep a pace ahead of Cupid himself.

What Are Hearts And Arrow Diamonds?

These are rounded diamonds that are cut within narrowly proportional ranges and dimensions which were crafted with 3 perfect symmetries. The diamond is crisp, perfectly angled, aligned and well-placed.

The precision with which such types of diamonds are cut is nothing short of astonishing. The precision of optical symmetry is what imparts the brilliance of the diamond. Any deviation from the norm, no matter how minute, can lead to a cascading effect that affects the final look of the diamond, and how it appears under the light.

Where Does The Heart And Arrow Diamond Come From?

The birthplace is Japan, wherein 1980’s the Japanese jewelry experts discovered a way to cut the diamond in such a way so as to attain an ‘excellent grade’. Their expert cutting technique was what gave rise to the beloved heart and arrow diamond and ever since then, the demand for these stones of pure perfection has increased.

What To Look For When Purchasing Them?

Each heart and arrow diamond has its own set of unique characteristics that set it apart from the other. It has its unique set of facets that give a unique ratio of arrow looking shapes vs. heart looking shapes. Some have only hearts or only arrows. It boils down to personal preference and taste.

The next important factor has to be the digits that you are ready to shell out. If you have a big enough budget, then you could go for high quality, excellent cut grade, hearts and arrow diamond. The more perfect, flawless and clear the diamond is, the higher will be the price tag that is pinned to it.

Be sure to do your own research on what you like, and take the advice of the local gemmologist- with a pinch of salt, of course. There is always a diamond out there irrespective of what your requirements are, and chances are you will find it.

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