What Are Loose Cognac Diamonds?

Trillion Cut Loose Diamonds
Loose Cognac Diamonds
Loose Cognac Diamonds

Loose cognac diamonds are a type of brown-colored diamond. Other stones belonging to this category are chocolate and champagne-colored diamonds. Nowadays, they are becoming popular, especially among buyers who are looking for affordable and beautiful jewelry. The other reason for their popularity is due to celebrities flaunting them and due to positive marketing by jewelry stores. That said, before buying them, you must do thorough research or else you will be easily ripped off, this is particularly true when you are buying them online. The purpose of this article is to help you with purchasing cognac-colored brown diamonds.

The Formation Of Brown Diamonds

Before discussing cognac-colored diamonds, you must know about the formation of brown diamonds. The brown color of these stones is due to the presence of nitrogen in the crystal lattice.

The Availability Of Brown Diamonds

Cognac, chocolate, and champagne-colored diamonds are affordable because they are the most common type in the world of loose diamonds. Also, compared to other colored diamonds, they are relatively more affordable. One of the issues with these stones is that they are difficult to cut and polish due to their crystal structure.

The Cognac Diamonds

Loose cognac diamonds come under the category of brown diamonds. They were mainly used for industrial purposes and were not popular among diamond buyers until recently. The names cognac, champagne, and chocolate were used by jewelry manufacturers to increase the allure of these stones. These names are the main reason for the increase in popularity of these stones. Also, these names give a clear idea of the color of the diamonds.

Among the brown diamonds, cognac-colored ones are darker than the champagne-colored ones. Their color resembles the dark rich color of the drink named cognac. Apart from this, these stones have a secondary orange tone.

Engagement Rings With Cognac Diamonds

Many customers consider brown diamonds like loose cognac diamonds a welcome change from the conventional colorless stones. This is mainly because they are excellent choices for center stones in engagement rings. Moreover, these stones go very well with rose gold or yellow gold ring material. Also, the brown color symbolizes resilience, reliability, elegance, stability, healing, honesty, and warmth. Last but not least, brown diamonds are suitable for nature lovers.

We hope that the details shared about loose cognac diamonds and brown-colored diamonds, in general, were useful to you.

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