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Princess-Cut Diamonds
Princess-Cut Diamonds
Princess-Cut Diamonds

Diamonds are known for their ability to shine brilliantly. The facets of a diamond reflect light to give the diamond its brilliant sparkle. The more number of facets doesn’t guarantee the diamond to shine brighter. It is the symmetry and precise proportions of the facets that ensure maximum reflection of light. Shared below are some of the most popular diamond cuts for you to choose from.

Peter Veres, who have more than a decades experience in diamond jewelry business says that there are various types of diamond cuts one can choose from other than the below. Other popular diamond cuts include Emerald cut, Asscher cut, Radiant cut, etc, says Peter Veres.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds are one of the most popular diamond cut. Also, it is one of the oldest, yet an elegant diamond cut that is still being used. Round-cut diamonds offer excellent brilliance and fire. A round-cut diamond usually has 58 facets which include the culet. Crown refers to the upper portion of the diamond and pavilion is the lower portion. The crown consists of 33 facets which include sixteen upper girdle facets, eight bezel facets, eight star facets, and a table facet. The pavilion consists of eight main pavilion facets, sixteen lower girdle facets, and one culet. Compared with other diamonds, round-cut diamonds are expensive. This is because during cutting more rough diamond is to be ground away. Therefore 1 carat round diamond rings with round brilliant diamonds can be more expensive when compared to other cuts.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Princess-cut diamonds are kind of new to the diamond family. Brilliance and fire are the dominant properties of a princess-cut diamond that attract customers. Princess-cut diamonds have a shape of a square or a rectangle and have two to four chevron patterns. The rectangle shape is not preferred as it can lack brilliance. The number of facets of a princess-cut diamond ranges between 50 and 58. Princess-cut diamonds are also preferred for making diamond engagement rings. When compared to round cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds are less expensive.

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds have the shape of a square or a rectangle with their edges rounded. The shape resembles a pillow and that’s how it earned its name. The facets of a cushion-cut diamond are larger when compared to round-cut diamonds. Cushion-cut diamonds are famous for their clarity and unblemished brilliance. The best feature of a cushion-cut diamond is that it can be cut in many ways, providing a wide range of variety.

For those people who believe that a big diamond is a better one, cushion-cut diamonds may not be a good choice. Square Cushion cut diamonds tend to look smaller when compared to round-cut or princess-cut diamonds.

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