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If you are planning to propose marriage to someone, then you have to choose an engagement ring. Popping the question to your lover with the perfect engagement ring will make the moment more exciting for you. There are different engagement ring styles for every woman. Plenty of things come into play when you wish to pick one for your beloved, and that includes her personality, taste, and style. Your budget is the main factor, though.

There is a rule that says you have to save up three months’ salary for an engagement ring. However, this is not necessarily the case. You can purchase cheap engagement rings from the market. Rather than saving up for that big rock, just work within the budget and go for the piece you can afford and will look good on her finger.

Set a Budget

In setting a budget for an engagement ring, you have to first find out what type of piece she wants. If you can determine that, set a budget. Here are some instructions to help you do the latter.

  • Spend just the amount of money you are fine with spending. Avoid going overboard, because you are specific about certain kinds of engagement rings. Just stick to the budget and shop wisely. In any case, try not to get into debt all in a bid to buy jewelry.
  • Consider the kinds of wedding band she may want to pair with her engagement ring.

Find the Perfect Gemstone                                      You probably will not find a piece with the best cut, color, carat weight, and clarity at an affordable price. Ultimately, you will need to compromise on some or a combination of these four characteristics to pick a ring that will not go beyond your budget.

Color and carat weight of a diamond are arbitrary choices, so choose what she like. Still, know the basic details about each of the four characteristics of a diamond.

The GIA evaluates diamond color and assigns different grades to it. The GIA color grades range from D to Z. The “D” grade is the priciest of the lot and it is colorless in shade. While diamonds with D color grade will cost a large amount, it will be one with the most radiance. The other grades have varying degrees of color shades, mostly yellow hues. Many of these hues are subtle and are not visible to the naked, untrained eye. The cheapest diamond from the color point of view is the one with Z grade. If you choose it, then you can save more money on an engagement ring.

If you are on a budget and clarity is not your top priority, then your best bet is to consider diamonds in the VS1 or VS2 range. These diamonds have slight internal imperfections, also known as inclusions, but these are not easily visible to the naked eye, and look good. The Flawless and Internally Flawless are the highest clarity ratings on the GIA scale, but these diamonds are rare and very expensive. That means you will not be able to buy a big-carat rock if you go for “FL” and “IF” clarity grades. Instead, look for bigger diamonds that fall in the lower-clarity grades.

Then, there is cut, which is also a rather arbitrary choice. If she likes a round diamond, then go for it. If she is not a conventional type, then choose a non-round diamond, preferably square. The cut describes how the stone interacts with the light, and it determines the sparkle.

Either chose the most popular or her preferred cut or shape. This is the aspect that you should spare no expense on. Remember, you can always compromise on some of the other characteristics.

Choose a Metal

Platinum is stronger than white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. However, gold is affordable than platinum. Another factor you need to consider when picking a metal band for an engagement ring is comfort. Some are allergic to gold. White gold is not ideal for those who are allergic to nickel. To make gold look whiter, other metals are mixed with it, and often nickel is among those. White gold jewelry often has rhodium plating, but it will wear down over time, and the nickel below it will come to contact with the wearer’s skin. So if you are purchasing a white gold ring, ensure it is a nickel-free one.

A better solution is to buy a hypoallergenic metal. If you can fork out a few extra dollars, and if she likes white metal, then platinum is the best option. However, there is also palladium, which almost resembles platinum, but has a grayer shade. Palladium is a stunning and hypoallergenic metal, and it is a rising trend in the jewelry world.

Find Her Engagement Ring Finger Size

The last thing you want is to buy a ring that is either too loose or too tight on her finger. If you cannot afford to spill the beans, ask about her ring size to someone close to her who can keep a secret. Otherwise, trace the outer circle and inner circle of your lover’s most used ring.

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